In the past few years, Uber emerged in various different shapes, sizes, locations, and service levels. People started to understand the meaning of online cab service and have started to book a cab of their ideal class depending upon their budget. This also benefits Uber drivers who can earn more as the tier of the car increases. Hence Uber was able to hold on steady interaction of drivers and customers with the app. 

The one intriguing fact about the online taxi business is that there is heavy competition on the market due to the numerous companies as it is one of the most profitable businesses today. But looking at the history of the market, every trend that has been popular has always seen its downfall. Online taxi booking business may face the same problem sometime in the future. Realizing this fact, to tackle the upcoming inevitable scenario, taxi companies have started to add unique features to their apps competing with others in the market. But to do that, they need to do thorough research on the unique features that are already available in the market.

Understand the market

    Every single business out there is driven by the customers, so to provide them with what they require and get profit out of it first, you need to know what they need. Each locality differs with the requirement of people, and you cannot provide the same facilities everywhere. So considering a geographical location as a crucial factor is of utmost importance. 

    The reasons for this can be of the economic position of the residents in a particular geographical location, the terrains, or even the level of traffic. So following a simple strategy and providing a single service will be profitable for your company. Start studying the market, conduct campaigns, and analyze what people need. Even if it seems to be irrelevant at present, it might get super useful for people in the future, and it could change the course of your business in a positive way. 

Uber for the disabled:

    UberWAV is a service launched by Uber exclusively for disabled people. As physically challenged people struggle to get in a regular vehicle, Uber has launched a WAV vehicle (Wheelchair-accessible vehicle). UberWAV is currently available at:


  1. Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Chicago, Illinois
  4. Dallas, Texas
  5. Houston, Texas
  6. Los Angeles, California
  7. New York City, New York
  8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  9. Washington, D.C
  10. Bangalore, India
  11. London, England
  12. Newcastle, Australia
  13. Paris, France
  14. Toronto, Canada

Uber’s collaboration with Whizz-Kidz:

    Uber has collaborated with Whizz-Kidz, which is a renowned organization with the motto to support and aid the physically challenged children in terms of mobility. A survey was conducted on physically challenged people who travelled in a taxi. It revealed that more than 75% of the people experienced severe problems in regular cars. Since the percentage is very high, if you launch your Uber clone directly in this business or if you offer this as a service, there are high chances that you will obtain high ROI.  

Uber’s multiple- stop feature, and how does it work?

    Taxi is booked in the usual way, instead of finishing the booking, the user will add more than one stopover destination. This allows the driver to stop at a destination and resume the ride. This feature also adds another advantage for the user that allows them to choose the route through which they need to travel in case of traffic congestion or personal preference ignoring the route displayed on the map.

How can this be a useful feature on the app?

    Not every time, people start from a place and go to a fixed destination. Sometimes they would like to stop on the way to pick up something or to meet someone or to drop something off before reaching their final destination. Providing this rare feature in your Uber clone can be a heavy card in your possession. This ensures that if the customers start the journey from a place with a job to do in the middle of the route, they can stop for a while and finish the work, then resume the ride.

Other than these, some common features that you can offer in your Uber clone app are:

  • Social media login
  • Multilingual support 
  • Multiple currency support
  • Fixed fares to airports

Social media login:

    Customers can use their social media account to register and log in with the app. They need to just click on any of the social media icons to complete the process.

Multilingual support:

    Your app should support multiple languages as they create a huge impact on your customers, they will prefer the app with native language. Some people will prefer English as it is a universal language.  

Multiple currency support:

It is necessary for your app to have various currency options to make the payment process secure. The multi-currency functionality in your Uber clone app helps your customers to pay in their preferred currency. It is useful for countries where more than one type of currency is used as a major currency.

Fixed airport fare:

    Airports are the places where most people hire a taxi from or to. You should have a fixed fare for customers heading to airports as a sign of improvising the service and to increase the productivity of your taxi business.