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Navigating a building can be a daunting task, even for those who are familiar with the property. And this is why door plaques for businesses are so essential.

Every office door should have some type of sign and the bigger the building, the more these personalized door plaques become a crucial tool in helping both customers and employees know where to go, and who exactly the office belongs to.  This webcast has come up with an ultimate guide to choosing the right door plaque. This webcast will walk you through all that is available, and the things you can consider when you decide you are ready to buy your own office door plaques.

Custom Office Door Plaques

Well with that in mind, the number of custom door signs available is simply substantial. You might have likely been to many office buildings in the past and seen how many can be created. Some are something simple-like a room number or a simple push & pull door signs. However, others that come are practically a work of art, with modern design elements or full color. The term ‘door sign’ or door plaque comprises of any type of sign on or near a door that helps manage the flow of people inside of the office building, and makes clear who and what each office is for.

Some companies also use raised logo designs, particularly for their main office door signs, other just use door labels for offices. There are many standard signs available- like the aluminum door signs that come with numbers carved out of them- but custom office door plaques are also very popular. That is because each sign is, in majority of ways, an extension of your brand. It depicts your personality in front of people, who you are, and why they should consider being your customer or working with you. Therefore, you must consider a custom door plaque instead-one that suits your brand and vibe.

What are the Types of Office Door Plaques?

There are many different signs that complement office doors that you might want to consider. For instance:

  • Office Name Signs or Office Door Plaques

These provide a name for those that work in that office, so that everyone knows whose office it is.

  • Ingress or Egress Signs

Signs like ‘pull/push’ or ‘Emergency Exit’ are examples of signs that help manage the flow of the property. In some cases, it may be a safety issue, like labeling electric room door signs.

  • Company Signs

Logo office door plaques are also important, especially if you are in building with other companies. However, you can also use vinyl signs that are looking for something that can be easily removed.

What are the Materials available for Office Door Plaques?

There are many different types of office door plaques and do you know the materials they are made of? Well, the truth is that almost any material can be made into an office dorr plaque. For instance:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Hybrid materials
  • Paper

You can also turn wood into a door plaque if you feel like to. There are many people who also use brass office wall name plates, together with aluminum.  But how about the design options? Well, there are many companies that can help you create office signs in almost unlimited shapes and colors. You can easily customize them on the basis of color, shapes or the ink/cut used. So if you are reading this office door plaque guide, chances are you need help deciding on the sign or designing it even. You can also hire trained designers who can readily assist you. Just go through all the standard and custom options available, and get a pre-made design for consideration.



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