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Online Depression Counselling

With the kind of life today’s youngsters are living, depression has become a regular affair. Looking at the current scenario, it has also become essential to seek professional help to deal with it. The Internet plays a significant role in our lives as things have become very handy and so are the problems; this is why online therapy for depression provides a very accessible and effective solution.

Till the time people were not aware of the importance of counselling and online counselling, taking anti-depressant pills was considered as the only solution. But to ultimately deal with depression in the long run you it is very important to deal with it  and fight with it face to face for your own good. It is always advisable to seek the advice of the expert and online depression counselling is the right way to do it in these busy and tough times.

Reasons behind opting for Online Depression Counselling?

Seeking professional help is considered very essential to deal with depression that will help you lead a normal life. Counselling can be done both traditionally and online but some reasons that will make you chose online depression counselling over traditional counselling are:

  1. You can do it from the comfort of your room or your safe environment

It is a proven fact that anything that is happening for the first time tends to give us jitters. Moreover, when we are disturbed many times, new environments and surroundings unnerve us even more . We feel safe and secure only when we are in our own surroundings or rather in our personal space and what can be better than our own home?  Online depression counselling offers you that safe environment and the warmth of your personal surroundings that can heal you faster. You can now have access to your therapist from your home.

At times, it is challenging for some of the people to go to the therapist because of social anxiety that can get  bypassed because of online counselling.

  1. It is convenient and time saving

Convenience plays a major role when you are opting for any session or therapy as generally people keep their health at bay and give priority to other things. Online depression counselling sessions give you an opportunity to take these sessions from anywhere and anytime that is convenient to you.

To see your therapist you don’t need to take leave from work or forgo your important business or personal engagement . It is very convenient to  schedule a time that suits both you and your therapist. This also saves a lot of expense and time as it saves you from the hassle of driving through the city traffic. Apart from that you do not have to wait outside the therapist clinic for long hours for your turn.

  1. You can choose the therapist of your choice online

With online counseling sessions you can browse through the names of a long list of therapists and choose them as per the review written for them. It hardly matters where you live and what kind of Therapist you want counseling from, online depression counseling makes it easy to find them.

If you live in a location that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city and where accessing a good therapist is difficult, all you need to do is go for an online stress counselling session. The online therapists are very authentic as you do a lot of research before taking their help. They are equally good as they offer their expert help relating to your problems with depression effectively.

  1. It is less expensive

Online depression counseling is less expensive compared to the traditional counseling. Usually the charges come down to  half as it is not done one to one. It also helps in saving  the cost of petrol or diesel that you need during driving and commuting to the therapist’s chambers and if you have taken a leave then it also saves you from pay cuts.

.The best online help resources

  1.   ePsyclinic

The founder of ePsyclinic, Shipra Dawar opened the gates of online counseling after going through a similar phase. She has come up with the idea of ePsyclinic to break the stigma that has been going on for years when it comes to talking about mental health of a person. 

ePsyclinic is one of its type. It was the first online counseling platform introduced in the country to offer its services to the ones dealing with such problems but can’t speak up openly about it. They give you the opportunity to contact their expert counselors. You can also get help by going through their blogs which in turn help you identify your problem.

  1. Your DOST

Your DOST is a website that  provides help to people dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental health issue with ease. You can visit their website anytime and from anywhere and they give you a fair chance to have a chat with a counselor.

They take prompt action when it comes to their visitor. If you are dealing with a specific problem then you can seek help and speak to an expert from that field. With the help of various self assessment tests you can easily identify your problem areas. They offer certain programs  that are designed to help you move towards a better and healthier tomorrow and bring a positive change in people’s lives that is needed the most.

  1. Hope network.In

This is another website which has an open forum for discussions where you can write about your problem and encourages people to share their problems. You can ask for an online appointment to speak to their experts who would help you with your problem. Their blog has articles which deal with similar issues and by reading them one can get help in dealing with their concerns. In addition to it the online session with their experts can definitely help you find out a solution to your problem.

  1. My Fit Brain

My Fit Brain addresses deals in FAQ’s that also come under the category of  online counselling. They also provide help related to your concern in the language which you are comfortable in speaking. There are certain fixed timings and days and so you can choose the best suited to you as per your schedule.

  1. Mind Frames

Mind Frames offers counselling in different mediums that ranges from Online consultation, email consultation, book an appointment to visit them face to face. They also offer group therapy and dream analysis to deal with your problems with the help of qualified psychologists and psychiatrists.

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