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Indian wedding photography came a long way ahead from the traditional approach that was a norm until recently. Nowadays the new tradition, style, techniques are thumping the photography industry. It is among the most competitive fields growing exponentially in the Indian market, and Delhi is the hub for almost all growing industries. Picture Motion is a team of the leading Wedding photographers in Delhi, providing various styles of wedding photography. Not just the weddings, but our team of young professionals are experts at covering all major and small events like anniversary, birthday parties, corporate events, fashion photography, and so on. Since everyone wants to get clicked, hiring a candid wedding photographer has become a must

We offer best of your moments to be captured in such a way that we remain in your memory refresh always. We are a bunch of burning photographers who are there to serve you for all of your blessed moments. We put best of their efforts to capture something innovative, something different, something creative and something which always puts smile on your face. Customer satisfaction being their sole motive.

Candid Photography in Delhi:-

Candid Photography has growing in popularity and demand. After all, nothing appearance higher in a very image than capturing the bride and groom likewise because the guests in their natural moments. Only the photographers who are a knowledgeable in catching hem unguarded and while not creating them acutely aware will deliver Candid Photography. These images are precious as they capture those rare moments of happiness or pure natural emotions within the frame for ever.

Our candid wedding photographers are gifted and well-equipped and can build the proper team to capture all those precious, unmatched moments during your wedding. These moments can’t be planned, that’s why you need someone who can anticipate them and give them to you to cherish forever. That’s what we do. What is considered worthy of keeping as memory these days, is a bunch of photos shot well, that not only capture the event as it happens, but also the way it happens. 

Some Important Tips about Photography:-

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to finalize – Delhi weddings are quite over the top and happening and wedding seasons come with a bunch of weddings every single day! To make sure you don’t end up not getting a photographer, book in advance. In Delhi, wedding photographers get engaged months ahead therefore begin this method too soon.

  • Don’t blindly follow trends – Trends come and go but timeliness pictures stay with you forever. It’s always better to avoid photos that are heavily edited or retouched. Natural is the best, and therefore, opt for a wedding photographer who promises to keep t as realistic as possible.

  • Mention the number of guests – Confirm the number of people arriving to your wedding ceremony and how long should the photographers shoot – If both families decide to hire constant photographer, he/ she must bring along enough team members to cover the entire marriage ceremony.

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