Whether you are a mother, retired professional, or a fashionista, you need a “me time” frequently. This “me time” helps you to rejuvenate your body, soul, and brain. You will love to fall in love with yourself in this time. You must spend this special time in a way so that you can cherish it later. But, have you decided yet how you will spend your “me time”?

One of the must-have items in your list would be doing manicure and pedicure. Here in this article, you will get all the information related to the types of manicure. There are different types of manicures you can choose from. Even there are some of the best Manicure Chatham Salons to assist you better.

Manicure is a beauty treatment for your fingernails. It includes scrubbing your hand to wash off all the dead skins, clipping your nails, and adding nail polish (if you like). It keeps your nail glossy, and healthy. There are different types of manicures available for example, basic manicure, french manicure, reverse french manicure, gel manicure, stone manicure, etc.

Pamper Yourself with Some of the Best Manicures

  • Basic Manicure

If you have never done a manicure, then feeling apprehensive about having one is very common. So, for the first time, you can keep it sweet and simple. Basic manicure is the most fuss-free process and you can also change the style and design whenever you want. In this process, the salon expert will clean your hands and cuticles. Then the nails are cleaned, trimmed, and shaped. Lastly, they will apply nail polish of whatever colour you choose. But, you can skip this step if you don’t like nail polish and want to keep it nude.

  • French manicure

Guess what’s the most stylish manicure of recent times? It has to be the french manicure. You can never go wrong with this choice. You will get a variety of colors in this manicure treatment. In this treatment, your nail will be painted with either pink or beige nail polish. The treatment ends with having your hands moisturized and massaged.

  • Reverse French Manicure

Reverse french manicure is the advanced version of a french manicure. In this treatment, a darker shade is applied to your nail. It’s so simple that you can try this at home. Unlike any other manicure process, firstly the nails are trimmed, cleaned, and shaped. Once your hand is soaked in warm water, the dead cells are washed off. Then the process of applying nail polish starts. After the complete process, you will have a shining nail of your own.

  • Paraffin manicure

Many of us have too dry and rough skin. In this case, paraffin manicure can be the best to choose. This process involves oil massage and spa treatment. The paraffin wax makes your hand smooth and soft besides brightening up the glow.

  • Gel manicure

If you are fed up of visiting your salon several times and searching for a manicure that lasts longer then you are breathing in the right info. Gel manicure is one of those manicures that last longer. Besides, it makes your nail look shining due to its exposition to UV light.


When it comes to your skin, it’s better to consult with experts. Those who have vast knowledge and experience can guide you better. You don’t need to scratch yourself to find an expert. There are several salons you can take help from such as Nail salon ChathamYou can avail their treatments to step in to the world of beauties.