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Parental Control Tips

Someone wise once said – Parental control isn’t about forbidding; it’s about teaching what’s right and what’s not.

This is a very important definition, which tells about what Parental Control actually means, and what it shouldn’t be confused for.

Raising a child in this technology-dominated era is not an easy task. Besides the usual teen stuff and drama, you also have to handle the digital (internet) activities of your not-so-young kids in order to protect them from many threats the internet has to offer.

Given that almost every teen now has a smartphone, which they are actively using for playing games, browsing the internet, chatting and more. And if they are not aware of internet threats like hacking and spam, it’s only inevitable for them to become the prey of one of these.

Now, as a parent, you can’t simply ask your children to stop using the internet or smartphones, and you shouldn’t. Because a lot of their use may be for informational and educational purposes. Instead, you should consider implementing strong parental controls to monitor the internet/phone uses of your children (with their acknowledgement) and teach them about the internet threats and how to avoid them.

Start with social media education.

Social Media Dangers and Safety Tips for Kids

Today, millions of kids, teens and children worldwide are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc, for finding, connecting and communicating with other people.

While social media can be a great tool for kids to acquire knowledge, learn new things and even communicate with their friends and families online, it can also become a source of constant humiliation, intrusions and security risks unless proper measures are not taken.

While online, kids do not think twice before sharing their intimate/private pics or videos online, which can be used by internet thieves, hackers, sexual predators, etc. to take advantage of your children. Similarly, the private information posted online by your kids can be used by someone to bully, or even hurt, them.

Now, kids at their age do not have the understanding of the kind of threats there are on the internet and the ways to avoid them, which is why it is important for parents to take care of such things using a good Parental Control software like Titan’s Family Security App.

Among other things, the app lets parents track their children’s social media activities, chats, downloads, posts, etc. in order to get better control over their internet security.

Here are some other things you can do to ensure a safe online experience for your family and children.

Use a Kid-safe Browser – Almost all standard browsers come with parental control features, allowing parents to limit what their kids can and cannot browse on the internet. Then, there are kid-friendly browsers made specifically for internet security of children.

Keeping a track of the internet activities of your child, including the browser history and downloads, will allow you to know that your kids are using only safe sites.

Enable online security (firewall, antivirus, limited browsing, etc.) using internal settings or external apps on your children’s smartphone and computer devices.

Limit the online/screen time of your kids, either by using automated software/app or by enforcing strict rules at your home.

Encourage physical activities and sports like chess, cricket, football, etc. to help your kids build actual social life beyond the internet.

The best way to teach your kids about internet safety is, of course, to communicate with them and make them understand the pros and cons of the internet.

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