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As a consumer, you’ve no doubt been to commercial establishments like restaurants and shopping centres. If so, then you’re no doubt familiar with the various tensions and potential mishaps that can occur as you use the parking spaces around these establishments.

For business owners, a safe place to park one’s vehicle is a feature that customers rightfully expect. Unless your establishment is located in the middle of the city where parking spaces are uncommon, of course, car parks will need maintaining, and much of it has to do with road markings.

What makes road markings such a big deal in parking spaces?

Simply put, clear markings in parking spaces are essential as it facilitates the safe entry/exit of vehicles to and from an establishment. It can be tempting for drivers to park their cars beyond designated parking spaces which can be a danger both for themselves and that of others. Hence, car park painting can be used to clearly defined where customers can and cannot park their vehicles — double yellow lines, no parking signs, etc.

In the presence of clear signs and proper road markings, most people will generally follow safety instructions. This will go a long way towards preventing blockages and accidental bumps in parking spaces which an establishment can be held liable for.

Parking space barriers and other security solutions

Let us also consider that most business establishments aren’t available around the clock. In this case, you will also need to set up barriers that can be easily deployed during off-business hours. Doing so will discourage any unlawful parking around the business property and ward of trespassers.

Break-ins are a common concern for many business establishments, and the absence of clear markings and barriers will only make for an easy target. After all, an obscure and readily accessible parking lot can make it easier for misdoers to make a clean getaway after ransacking an establishment.

In addition to proper road marking in Melbourne, there are also other security and traffic management solutions that businesses can employ for their parking spaces. A few good examples include retractable barriers that can lock parking spaces out if necessary and speed bulges that help enforce safety speed limits for customers as they navigate the parking area. Speed limits typically vary from one establishment to another. 15mph or lower is the most common and typically implemented in parking spaces with nearby pedestrians.

Of course, there are always cases when motorists refuse to heed the sign and ignore any request to move their vehicle. In this case, it might be necessary to bring in help from traffic enforcement which means steep fines for offenders or worse, get their cars impounded by the city council. That said, there have been many changes to the pertinent laws concerning the matter, and as a business, you would want to avoid antagonizing your customers. Hence, it would make sense to employ traffic enforcement and charge fines, only as a last resort on the grounds of protecting other customers.

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