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PayKun: Secure and cheapest payment gateway for accepting international payments in India

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Why is it important to collect online payments for businesses?

There are various types of payment methods introduced. The customer has adopted the digital way of making such payments for any services or products they purchase. If they make an online purchase or even for offline ones. As per the Statista survey, the maximum percentage of 41.8 used the digital/mobile wallet option under the eCommerce purchase Worldwide. The second was Credit Card with 24.2% and the least was Cash on Delivery with 4.5%. So, if it is an eCommerce purchase, this is how important is for the businesses to offer multiple payment options to the customers. The online payment system is not only a facility for them, but it has also become a lifestyle for many.

How should businesses provide online payment options?

PayKun payment gateway is the best option. Being a payment gateway it provides multiple payment methods to the customers. It can be used with a website, an app, or without a website and app. It is a safe, secure, and reliable way to collect payments. Also, it is the most affordable and cost-effective solution for Indian Businesses. Further, in this article, its features shall be discussed in detail.

What is a Payment Gateway? Why use it for businesses?

In simple words, a payment gateway is a medium between the customer bank and the merchant’s bank account and handle the payments for you both. They provide multiple online payment options in one checkout and can be integrated and used with a website or app. PayKun Payment Gateway also provides the payment links and master links that do not require the website or app. Another most important reason is that they are safe and secure to collect payments. 

PayKun: Global Payment Gateway

PayKun, in a very short period of time, has gained popularity and is a payment gateway choice for many merchants. It is used by 10000+ businesses currently in all ways possible like for educational purposes, collecting donations, providing IT services, recharge, offline shops, Youtubers, bloggers, Food items sellers, matrimonial sites, etc. It can be used for both international as well as domestic online payment collection. It is secure, safe, reliable, and an ideal way of getting paid for the customers and the merchants alike.

Cheapest Payment Gateway

PayKun is among the cheapest payment gateway and it charges the lowest domestic transaction fee (TDR) of flat 1.75 %. The international fee is also very affordable. There is no other kind of fees and charges except that. Like there are no set up fees, maintenance fees, or any hidden charges. Merchants can also avail of free integration help from its highly efficient support team.

Secure and Safe

PayKun is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant; the highest level of security compliance required for the payment processors. This makes the card information transfer and processing completely safe. It also follows AES 256 Bit Encryption Standards, which means that all the data transferred is in an encrypted manner. Also, it is SSL certified which means the connection between the server and the website is non-hackable.

120+ Payment Options

It has integrations with multiple banks throwing a really positive image with such a reputation. It provides multiple payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, wallets, QR code, UPI, etc. Also, it supports multiple currencies for supporting the International Payment Gateway services.

Easy and Fast 

The merchant account needs to be registered with easy online documents only and it is immediately activated without any unnecessary delay. The Onboarding team is there to guide and make you fulfill the requirements. After the account is activated, you may get the free integration services which make the whole process further easy and fast. The chat, email, and call support can be reached out for inquiries, queries, complaints, issues, etc. It provides the highest successful transaction rate and fast settlement options too.

How to use the PayKun payment gateway?

Integrating with a Website

PayKun has ready integration kits available for free. It supports multiple platforms for the integration of its International payment gateway. Such as PHP, Magento, WordPress, Ruby, Python, .Net, Node JS, Java, WHMCS, Prestashop, Opencart, etc

Integrating with an App

If you have a Mobile Application for your business. PayKun supports Android and iOS both for the integration. 

Payment Links

These are links to the PayKun payment gateway checkout. It can be easily created entering the amount to be collected, purpose, and customer details. And, it needs to be sent through any possible medium such as a messenger, WhatsApp, emails, etc.

Master Links

These are just like the payment links but it can be sent without entering the amount and purpose. That means the customer gets the option to enter the amount and purpose and other details in the checkout to make the payment.

So, sign up today with PayKun and start collecting online payments for your business from your customers nationally and globally in the easiest and efficient way.

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