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Product packaging says a lot about your brand. It can compel shoppers to come back to your store for more. Apparel shops need durable and dandy packaging for displaying, handing over and delivering different kinds of shirts, dresses, tops, suits, and accessories to the customers. For online apparel stores, it is all the way more important to have quality and gripping packaging boxes.


Retail packaging ought to be purposeful and useful. It should provide support to the packaged items. Different kinds of apparel products have fabric that needs protection from moisture, dust, and shock. The packaging for casual and formal shirts helps you showcasing new and signature collections effectively. Eco-friendly small retail packaging boxes come in handy for accessories like ties, brooches, and cufflinks.

When getting the packaging for apparel items customized, you need to keep in view the latest trends. Have a look at the custom boxes of contemporary brands to know the kind of packaging ideas that are popular; yours should be original and inspiring.

Here are some tips to assist you with personalizing retail boxes for apparel products!

Packaging Boxes should have Durability and Finesse

Boxes for dress shirts, pants, jumpsuits, ball gowns, and other items should be printed using finest stocks. The fabric quality of different apparel products needs special care. You can’t risk the shirts stocked in your store get affected by tampering factors. Make sure that the packaging solutions you get for apparel items keep them safely stored. Custom printed retail packaging boxes should have spectacular finesse; this will give shoppers the notion that your brand pays attention to detail.

The Boxes should have Care Instructions

A cotton shirt would need different handling than a sweater. It is important to mention storage, washing and ironing instructions on the packaging boxes for various apparel items. This will facilitate shoppers and they don’t have to sort out or care for a product on their own. You should get separate packaging boxes printed with relevant information for different dresses, shirts, kids’ wear and socks. The boxes should have proper product details to facilitate the consumers.

Packaging should be Easy to Store

Boxes for various apparel items shouldn’t be oversized or a hassle to store. Ball gowns, sequins dresses, formal wear, and other items need resilient packaging boxes for storage. Two-piece boxes are usually preferred for apparel products. You can explore other die-cut shapes as well. Make sure that the packaging box style you select isn’t a hassle to handle for the users. Offer consumers convenience through signature packaging. They will keep the branded boxes along with the items and will definitely come back for repeat purchases.

Custom Retail Boxes Wholesale should be Aesthetically Appealing

Your personalized packaging serves as insignia of your brand. If you want the shoppers to perceive you as an apparel business that is differentiating with its product range and packaging, add the element of creativity to the boxes. The design details for shirt, dress and accessory boxes should be beguiling enough to captivate shoppers.

Have your logo and tagline printed prominently on the boxes. If you have an online apparel store, have additional handling instructions printed on the mailer boxes for assisting the freight staff. Get your store locations printed on the boxes to make it easier for the customers to find you around.

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