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Every girl secretly wishes to look her best on her D-day. Even though she fantasises to turn herself into an outright diva, a bride often resorts to jewelleries that are passed on through the generations. However glitzy or sparkling your bridal dress is an intricately designed necklace or a bejewelled kamarbandh is sure to grab everyone’s attention while rendering an aesthetic feel to your look.

A wedding is considered as an auspicious occasion in a woman’s life, an ethnic bridal jewellery with enormous design pattern with a touch of exquisite jewellery pieces will not only enhance the beauty of her attire but will also showcase her culture and  tradition.

However, the more majestic your bridal jewellery is, higher is the rate of expenses involved in affording them. People often settle down with mainstream pieces of ornaments, and consider spending on bridal jewellery with price that goes over one’s head.

According to the reports almost 40% of Indian brides decide on wearing gold jewellery to grace their vital day as it is considered a lucky metal. Considering the soaring prices of gold, it has become difficult for people to buy jewellery for brides on a budget.

Statistics show that the parents of the bride don’t seem to cut down their expenses, and are willing to face the towering prices to buy bridal jewellery.

Given below is the list of 5 jewellery pieces that you should not miss out from the list of bridal prerequisites.

5 Pieces Of Jewellery Every Girl Should Wear In Her Wedding

  • An Elaborate Bridal Nath –

A nath renders the perfect bridal look. Fit perfectly while complementing your face, a nath lends you an unmatched royal look. 

  • Armlet Or Bajubandh –

An armlet is a piece of jewellery that imparts artistic feels to your attire apart from adding dimensions to your wedding dress. Adorned around your arms, a Bazubandh when bejewelled with pearls and stones lends a magical touch to your dress perfectly justifying the occasion.

  • Queen’s Necklace –

It is a type of necklace that is usually stringed with a single or with multiple chains. It sits perfectly around the neckline to flatter it with finely cut diamonds adding an extra charm to the wedding attire. A queen’s necklace or Rani Haar is a bridal jewellery with price that may go beyond your estimated budget but considering the royal look it will impart to your wedding dress, you may find it hard to forego.

  • Anklets –

It comes with a pair and is worn on feet. Anklets are considered to be a fortunate piece of jewellery. It lends a melodious tune, when the dangling silver or golden balls rub against each other.

  • Stone Studded Bangles –

Churas are studded bangles worn in more than 10 pair covering up to your elbows, imparting  a complete look to your bridal getup. it adds elegance to your glowing beauty while reflecting your traditional inclination as well.

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