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Places to visit in Dindigul

Did you know there were some truly incredible places to visit in Dindigul, a mysterious place in Tamil Nadu state? This remarkable place gets its name from the words thindu and kal which mean ‘pillow’ and ‘rock’ respectively. While it’s surrounded by several cities and districts, Dindigul itself is a fertile land snuggled comfortably between the scenic Sirumalai Hills and Palani Hills. You can look for hill stations near Dindigul as well in case you are able to make a long trip. There are several awesome picnic places near Dindigul as well which are frequented by couples, friends, and families alike. However, for now, let’s take a look at some of the best and most fabulous places to visit in Dindigul district.

Top Dindigul Tourist Places to Explore:

Albeit offbeat, Dindigul is among the best Tamil Nadu destinations to explore. You can explore at least a couple of the best places to visit in Dindigul even if making a quick trip to the place on last minute flights. When there, do try the Dindigul famous food of seeraga samba biryani. Also, be assured that there are several Dindigul hotels to stay during your trip. Now check out the list below of the best ever places to visit in Dindigul!

1. Dindigul Rock Fort

The Dindigul Rock Fort, or Dindigul Fort, is an iconic landmark in the region and one that you simply cannot miss exploring! Among the most fabulous historical places to visit in Dindigul, the Dindigul Fort is perched atop the spectacular 280 feet-high Dundigal Hill. Built sometime in the 17th century, Dindigul Fort has been occupied by many different rulers since. A mesmerizing place to explore, it’s replete with immense historical as well as architectural significance.

2. Thadikombu Perumal Temple

This is among the must-visit Dindigul famous temples on your trip. The temple is dedicated to deity Alagar who reigns over it and is among the holiest places for people in and around Dindigul district. The best time to visit the Thadikombu Perumal Temple is when the main festival is celebrated during the month of Chithirai (as per Tamil calendar). The festival lasts for approximately 12 days during which the deity is ceaselessly offered prayers.

3. Chinnalapatti

A small but very scenic town in Dindigul district, Chinnalapatti is fabulous to explore. It’s especially awesome to visit if you’re reserving business class flights for a trip to Dindigul with your family or friends. Some of the best attractions you can enjoy here include the Athoor Kamarajar Dam, Athisayam Theme Park, Vadipatti Matha Shrine, and Kutladampatti Waterfall among other things. The famed Alagar Festival held here is another reason this is among the best places to visit in Dindigul.

4. Begambur Big Mosque

This is not just among the most popular places to visit in Dindigul but it’s also a significant historical landmark. About 300 years old, the stunning ancient mosque was commissioned during the reign of King Hyder Ali. The mosque was named after Ammer-un-Nissa Begum, the younger sister of Hyder Ali. She was fondly called as Begambur in the region. After she passed away, her remains were buried within the mosque compound. Even today, people tell tales of the mosque’s famous past. Visit if you want to know more!

5. Kamarajar Lake and Dam

The Kamarajar Lake as well as the spectacular Kamarajar Sagar Dam happen to be among the most beautiful places to visit in Dindigul district. Spanning more than 400 acres, the Kamarajar Lake overlooks the picturesque Western Ghats. The surrounding region of the lake and Dam splattered with kayaks, lush banana plantations, cardamom farms, and massive coconut trees. Also, with a number of migratory as well as endemic bird species around, this place is a paradise for birdwatchers.

6. St. Joseph’s Church

Built over a hundred years ago, St. Joseph’s Church is among the holiest places to visit in Dindigul for Roman Catholics. It is head over all other Catholic churches in Dindigul district. Frequented by locals and tourists alike, the church has come to be identified as an important historical-cum-religious landmark in Dindigul. Whether or not you wish to visit for spiritual purposes, you should go at least once even if just to admire the gorgeous architecture of the place. It’s among the most tranquil places to visit in the region.

How to Reach Dindigul:

To explore the fabulous places to visit in Dindigul, you can reach Dindigul in many different ways. To reach by air, the nearest airport to Dindigul is located in Madurai. Alternatively, you can book cheap flights to Chennai International Airport and arrive there first. The Dindigul Railway Station is connected via regular trains to various parts of Tamil Nadu. Also, there is a wide network of roads that connect Dindigul to other places in the state. So pick which is the best way to reach Dindigul for you and come to explore some of these fantastic places to visit in Dindigul!

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