Australia is a country full of prospects and opportunities for everyone. It is famous for its beautiful environment, dynamic economy, modern lifestyle, etc. but there is another significant thing it is famous about and that is the standard of education it provides. It welcomes a huge number of international students who come to Australia on student visa subclass 500 for studying in some of the finest institutes not just in Australia but in the world. Let’s take a look at how Australia is a popular destination among international students:

  • Australia has some of the best educational institutes in the world that provide high-quality education. The degree and certifications earned from these institutes are recognized and encouraged all over the world. Earning a degree from these prestigious institutions can give your career a real boost.
  • Studying in Australia has another plus and that is it is cost-effective. Australia provides an excellent standard of education that can be easily compared to other countries that are famous for providing high-quality education. But the tuition fee and the livening cost in Australia is much more affordable for international students. This makes Australia a popular destination for people wanting good quality education at a much better price.
  • Studying in Australia can open many new doors for your future. It can give your career a head start anywhere in the world. The skills and training that one gets from an Australian institution can give him or her the knowledge and skills that can be utilized to make their lives better. Moreover, Australia itself is full of opportunities for skilled people and it prefers the people who are qualified from its educational institutions. So if you want to enjoy the lifestyle, bright prospects and good opportunities that Australia has to offer for you and your career then studying in Australia can be the first step towards it.
  • Australia is among the developed countries of the world and is fully equipped with all modern amenities of life. International students can enjoy one of the finest facilities to live while studying in Australia.
  • It also has a lot to offer in the department of natural beauty. Landscape and environment. Australia is among one the top tourist destinations with beautiful beaches, unique wildlife, and colorful culture. International students can explore Australian sites that are famous all around the globe and are listed as world’s heritage sites.

These were some pluses of choosing Australia for your study career. Now let’s have a look at the Australian cities which are most famous along with international students and why.

Which are the most popular Australian cities in the context of education?

Many Australian cities have a good reputation among international students and attract a large flux of international students towards them every year. Let take a look at the best of them


Sydney is the most significant city when it comes to education. It has some of the finest educational institutes in the world. Sydney is also home to Australia’s first-ever university the university of Sydney. It has six public universities in it that are considered as a prestigious educational institution not just in Australia but around the world. Sydney’s educational system attracts a large sum of a student from all around the globe. According to stats and figures, around 170,000 international students are studying in different institutions of Sydney.


Melbourne welcomes more around 200,000 international students every year. This shows the significance of this city in the context of education. It comes in the list of best university cities in the world. Its universities make it to the list of top 100 universities in the world. This makes it a very popular destination for international students. There are around seven public universities in Melbourne which offer hundreds of different courses in various disciplines.


Adelaide is the capital city of Australian state South Australia. This city is now emerging and is being promoted as the educational hub of the country. This city has three public universities that offer many different courses to its students. The number of international students enrolling in Adelaide is also increasing with every passing year. South Australia is a regional area that has many benefits. Many programs are running that offer facilities and scholarships to international students to attract them to study in Adelaide. The living cost and other expenses are also much more affordable in Adelaide if compared to the metropolitan cities in Australia.

Australian educational institution has so much to offer to its local students as well as the students from different parts of the world. This is why many students from around the world come to Australia to start their successful study careers in Australia. If you also want to study in Australia our migration agent Melbourne can help you know more about it.