In 2021, every movie and video game lover’s most desired destination point is any popular torrents website. But when we are talking about the popular torrents websites, in our mind, the first name which comes is 0123putlocker. In many areas, the 0123putlocker is not in the functional state due to copywriting issues.


When we talk about the movies and the other entertainment video downloading sites, the torrents sites are all time the most trustworthy as they are using the peer-to-peer file transaction process.


The torrents sites are the best when we measure the file-sharing protocol and the mirror or proxy websites. The torrents are always provided authentic mirror sites, which will help you uninterruptedly download the movies.


10 Popular Torrents Sites Of 2021

In many areas, the local ISP is blocking the mirror websites and do not allow any downloading from the torrents sites. That time the authentic and functional VPN is the best savior.

Now here is a small list of the popular torrents sites name in it.


1.   The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the oldest and the most authentic Torrents website. It was first launched in 2003 after that, every year, it is growing stronger, and it serves confidently still now. From the year 2018, it scores the highest-ranking still now it holds the position.


The users will get the website’s link from anywhere on the web, and if your local ISP does not let you open the sites. The VPN installation will solve the issues.


Downloading Speed: 3MB/s


2.   RARBG

If you search on the internet, you will see that RARBG is the most searched torrents website on the internet. The viewers always prefer RARBG for their new content and new videos. They are the good storage of the newer contents.


The site has a good collection of tv shows, and movies and they are following the older torrents spanning categories that is the cause of the many viewer’s preferences.


Downloading Speed: 2MB/s average


3.   1337x

If you are searching for any uncommon items like books, music, and games, then 1337x is the best torrents site for you. This is a relatively new site, only 11 years old and slower in speed.


But the viewers prefer this website for their good collection of multi varieties of files. It has a community of large torrent uploaders, which helps the viewers who are asking for new files.


Downloading Speed: 500kb/s average


4.   YTS

YTS has a user-friendly interface, almost like any entertainment website. The movies and the quality of the downloading file are quite impressive on this site. The old movies collection is quite vast on this site, and all these movies and videos are available in HD quality.


Even they provide different formats of movies for their viewers; the viewers can download the movies from the site as per their requirements.


Downloading Speed: 1.2MB/s average


5.   Zooqle

Zoogle is new and one of the popular torrent websites with almost 3.8 million authorized torrents. Zoogle is famous for the huge TV series collections and the new generation games, and the different entertainment related files.


Within a very short period, Zoogle becomes famous for its huge video collections.


Downloading Speed: 4.2MB/s average


6.   Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is the best site which has the fastest peer to peer protocol. This was an old torrents site but served with a new gesture.


The malware intervention and the repeated bug attack is the main reason for the updation of the previous site.Torrentz2 does not hold any contents, but they have the storage of multiple sources torrents sites.


Downloading Speed: 2MB/s


7.   Torlock

Torlock site is the safest site among all torrent sites. Mac users are more prone to use this website. They provide high speed downloading files. They have a good collection of ebooks and movies.


Torlock has another big factor when we are talking about user-friendliness. The Torlock has the cleanest user interface, and they will give you the full idea about the files.


Downloading Speed: 3.2MB/s


8.   Limetorrents

Lime torrents is a famous torrent website, and it has maintained the largest database. Lime torrents are always the best-preferred torrents website for the viewers who are more prone to download varieties of movies, games, TV shows, and softwares.


The vast library of the lime torrents is the main attraction of the sites. The seeder, size, and leechers are always described here.


Downloading Speed: 3.1MB/s


9.   EZTV

EZTV is a relatively new torrent website. The proxy sites of the EZTV is the most appreciating features. The interface is not very attractive all over the interface. You will find multiple types of pop-up ads.


But when we are talking about the content library, we must say it has quite an impressive collection of contents and videos.


Downloading Speed: 4MB/s


10. is one of the multifunctional websites, which is providing multi variations of the files. The site has a very good stock of adult videos and tv series, news. The multiple type categories of the files are the main key attraction of the site. It shows the data from the other torrent sites and then shows the files.


Downloading Speed: 1.2MB/s



When you are searching for any popular torrent websites, the first term that comes to our mind is the torrent website’s safety issues. Then comes the next point about the timing and the reviews of the users. These all ten torrent sites have a good review and the faster-downloading speed.