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Design principles are important since they determine the usage of elements such as color, space, value, and form to create the best looking and user-friendly website. These concepts are embraced and applied into effect by designers from the top web design agency Dubai.

You should make sure that you pay much attention to the visual composition of the web pages while designing them. This is not just to please your visitors but to improve the performance of your website. Web design agency Dubai presents here the best principles to apply while creating a website.


Finding balance is the most important principle that leads to stability, artistic composition, and good fortune. Balance in design ensures that there is no overpowering of one element to another because this may result in the overpowered element lack of its purpose. The following are types of balance and they include:

Symmetrical balance

This balance happens when one side acts as the mirror image to the other side.

Asymmetrical balance

This happens where the features are not the same on the two sides but possesses the same or equal visual weight.

Radial balance

This involves focusing everything at a central point and not a line.

Application to the Website

You should make sure that there is an equal distribution of visual weight on your website. You should be careful about every element inserted such as a text paragraph, button, or image. This is because each additional element can cause an imbalance. You are to use a grid layout to ensure the organization of your things.


Contrast can be achieved by the use of colors, textures, space, and shapes. This increases the viewer’s attention and excitement. Contrast is best for the attainment of a wonderful masterpiece.

Application to the Website

The addition of pop on your website helps in the stimulation of your audience. You should not just think of making anything glow but should focus on the items you need to emphasize. This can be your contact figures, your gallery link, or your homepage name. Make sure to include font size and type, use different shapes, and add extra white space to them.

The most important point to consider is color. You should, therefore, use colors in your contrasting features for the elements to stand out.


Emphasis is based on the elements that become dominant in a particular composition. This can be implemented in the contrast principle. A primary element should be incorporated for every design.

Application to the website

Some sections on your website are very decorative compared to others that are actionable. These usually help the visitors of your website to achieve the assigned goals. Call-to-action short phrases should be added to your website so that your visitors can do what you intend them to. The short phrases include subscribe here, book me, or shop now. The emphasis should be placed on your visitors since they are the traffic drivers on your website.


You need to use animated objects rather than still images. This is because many people pay attention mostly to moving objects.

Application to the Website

You can add subtle movements and small animations in your site in many ways. Parallax scrolling is one of the ways. It involves cutting your page to form different strips that move at different speeds where the background is slower than the foreground. This further forms a 3D illusion that adds movement and depth to the website.

This feature requires a good eye for little design details, coding abilities, and extensive time. It is very important to remember that you should not overuse movements on your website because it will bring in more visual noise and confusion to your viewers.


Repetition of the same element is very important as it helps in the creation of a pattern that is eye satisfactory. Repetition also helps in the creation of consistency mainly crucial in composition unity.

Application to the Website

The repetition of some design elements on your website helps in the creation of an appealing rhythm. You should, therefore, consider alternating the same three colors and two fonts on your different page sections. This increases your visitor’s remembrance thus can reflect on you someday.


This involves the splitting of elements into their most, middle, and least important characteristics. Choosing a particular level of element is very crucial in mastering the principle and its composition.

Application to the Website

You are to develop a hierarchy that is based on the item’s significance. This will help display the important things first to your viewers.

With all the discussed principles above, it may be easy for you to develop and create a professional and beautiful web presence. After the successful creation of your website, you may now set up your online shop and promote your business.

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