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Procedure to apply for visa 500 in 2020

Are you planning for an advanced career with great skill and knowledge? What can provide your career more advancement than the Australian education system…

Australia educational system is considered the most technologically advanced and affordable throughout the world. The education and degree completed in Australia are recognized globally.

The Australian study culture is an enormous experience of a unique lifestyle along with gathering extraordinary skills. If you too are looking forward to going to Australia for your further studies, you are required to get hold of Student Visa Subclass 500 which will enable you to stay in Australia and experience the Australian way of life for as long as 5 years or less in Australia depending on your registered course.

Applying for a student visa subclass 500 is not an easy task and not everyone can get it granted in a single go. The following step-by-step procedure is required for a student visa Australia application and successful approval…

  • Get a Confirmation of Enrolment from an Australian Institution:

    Before being able to apply for an Australian student visa subclass 500, an individual is required to gain a Certificate of Enrolment from an Australian educational institution registered under the CRICOS. This can be gained by making enrolment in a course in a CRICOS registered Australian institution and making the payment of tuition fee after which the institution sends a Confirmation of Enrolment. This document is very important for being able to apply for the Australian student visa Subclass 500.

  • Creation of an Account:

    Every individual is willing to apply for a student Visa subclass 500 Australia is required to create an ImmiAccount with the Department of Home Affairs and fill in the required details in the account. This account requires a password and also wants the applicant to agree to the given terms and conditions for successful account creation. With this account, apply for a student visa can be made from in or outside Australia.

  • Proof of English language proficiency:

    Every individual who wants to apply for a student visa subclass 500 in Australia must have necessarily undergone an English language test from an English test provider who is authorized to provided English language proficiency certification. The individual must attain at least the minimum required score for each of the four components to be able to gain the English language proficiency evidence and present the same to the Department of Home Affairs.

  • Gathering and attaching the relevant and required documents:

    The student visa subclass 500 Australia requires a number of documents verified by the respective authorities to be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs for a successful visa application and approval. The required documents consist of the following list:

    • The Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from an Australian institution.

    • The health insurance certificate which is an OSHC (Overseas Student Health Care)

    • A valid passport from an eligible country.

    • The statement of proof that states that the applicant is a Genuine Temporary Entrant in the country of Australia.

    • Documents regarding your personal details such as birth certificate, proof of financial status, certificate of latest qualification, etc.

    • Proof of past employment, if any.

All the documents must be submitted to the Department on time online in digital format.

  • Completion of visa application online:

    The visa application must be completed at least 124 days before the commencement of the enrolled course along with the submission of all the required documents online. This application can be completed online using the ImmiAccount.

  • Make a payment of visa application fee:

    As soon as the online application form is submitted, the applicant is required to make payment of the application fee to complete the application procedure and receive a receipt for the same. If the payment is not completed, the application may stand denied.

  • Appear for required medical examination and take up an interview:

    After you are done with the application filling procedure, you are required to appear for a few medical examinations and health checkups depending on circumstances like the place where you will live and pursue your study. Every visa applicant is required to appear for a visa interview as well. These things will be notified to you after the completion of the application procedure.

  • Getting the decision on your Visa Application:

    Generally, the time taken for visa application processing and decision making is based on the number of applications pending for decision with the Australian migration authority and the location from which you apply for the visa.

    It is always advised to keep the required documents ready with you in the digital format while you are waiting for the decision over your application. The visa authority may ask for any document for an appropriate verification of your details.

Getting hold of a student visa Subclass 500 in Australia is a long process as it requires a lot of documentation and verification. The Immigration Agent Perth is the industry expert where you need any kind of assistance with the visa processing and approval. For all-over guidance regarding the visa application procedure and details, get in touch today.

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