Businesses today run with the sole mantra to innovate themselves as well as the services they offer. This is made possible through the process of mobile app development.

Thanks to the presence of these innovative solutions thereafter businesses are able to successfully attract customers. This is because the solution offers quick and prompt services on a whole and makes it easy for them (industry) to earn enormous profits along the way.

If we have to talk about the profitable nature of mobile apps in years to come, then let us just say that these innovative solutions in the coming years is predicted to generate revenue close to 188.9 billion dollars which would mostly happen through the app stores as well as in-app advertising.

So, what are the reasons for the solution being so popular after all? To explain the same, we have listed some attributes of the solution.

Distinctive Characteristics of Mobile Apps

Quick Services

With the presence of apps customers are provided access to quick as well as prompt services simply through placing a few taps on their respective device.

Job Opportunities to Service Providers

The solution presents service providers enormous job as well as earning opportunities. This is because it provides them an avenue where they can set their availability online/offline and thereupon earn as per their availability so as to say.

Build Brand Presence

The solution plays an extremely significant role in supporting the business owner in terms of building a brand presence. This is because almost seventy percent of people all over the world operate their life through the presence of apps.

So, in a nutshell through all these factors thus, mobile apps are an extremely integral as well as significant part of a business and its existence so as to say.

As we mentioned earlier, mobile apps are predicted to bring enormous revenue in the years to come. However, if we talk particularly about the present year (2020) then this year promises a huge scope for these solutions at large.

So, if you are thinking of the app ideas that can help you make huge money in 2020 here’s presenting you the same below.

Innovative Mobile App Ideas 2020


Already at the helm of the best innovative solutions since the inception of Uber in 2009, this is one idea to never go out of vogue. Make rides unique and safe for your riders investing into an on demand taxi booking app.


Making multiple services available through one single solution will go on to help your customers considerably in terms of reducing mobile storage to a considerable level and receive multiple services. Especially after the incorporation of Gojek in 2010, this one solution has made it easy for customers to avail of a magnanimous range of services through one single solution.

Food Delivery

Food is one of the basic necessities of any human being. However, today’s extremely busy life makes it quite unlikely that one would feel the urge to prepare  their favourite meals after a long day of work either for themselves or their loved ones. Thus, to make sure customers get a meal at their doorstep, the food delivery app has been built, created as well as conceived. So, if you are thinking of making meals accessible to all and also help yourself earn considerable revenue, invest in a food delivery app.

Apart from the apps we have listed above you can also invest into ideas like fitness, healthcare, massage, and so on and so forth, for your app. This will promise huge profits and revenues for you.