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Project Free TV & Kisscartoon: Trending Streaming Services Review 2020

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Whether it is watching movies and TV shows or your favorite cartoon shows, you want a streaming service that is well-reputed and that offers premium quality content. Now, if that service is free, then it would be another plus point for using it. 

Project Free TV and Kisscartoon are 2 of the most trending streaming services out there in 2020. The reasons mainly being, both are free and offer excellent user experience. But what exactly is it that sets these two websites apart from their competition? 

Let’s briefly review these websites to see why they are trending these days 

Project Free TV:

When Project Free TV first came out, it quickly became a sensation of many online streaming services out there. It inspired many content providers to come up with their own free streaming services for their users. All in all, it was a pretty great website that instantly won the hearts of its users with its premium quality, free movies and TV shows. 

Amazingly enough, it is still trending. It was taken down by Google a few months back, but you can find it under a different domain name. So, if you think this website is down then just do a simple Google search and you’ll see it there. Now, as for the availability of content, you can pretty much find all the latest as well as old time classic shows on this website. Although there is no telling what might happen to it in the future but as of now, if you are looking for the best streaming service, Project Free TV is your best option.

The best thing about this website is its interactive user interface. In fact, the user experience that it offers to its users, is one of the reasons why it became famous in the first place. All the UI elements of this website are organized in meaningful categories and you can easily find your favorite shows by going through the different section of the website. 

Is Project Free TV Blocked?

Although Project Free TV is live in most regions, still, if you are finding it blocked or restricted in your country, then you’d need to have Project Free TV Unblocked before using its services. Don’t worry, it is not that tough. You simply need to install a VPN extension on your PC, and you’d be able to access it with ease.


Kisscartoon is the best cartoon streaming service for kids that you can find out there. This website is made for kids as well as teenagers. You can find all your favorite cartoons on this website. The best part, it is free. You don’t have to pay any kind of subscription fee for using the services of this website.

The thing that sets this website apart from the competition is its impressive UI. This website allows you to stream your favorite shows in the easiest way possible. You can find the outlook of this website to be quite similar to the latest movies and tv shows streaming services that you find out there. You’ll see the updates to your favorite shows in the Homepage, along with the trending shows on the website. 

This website is absolutely free and safe to use. There is no risk on your privacy when using the services of kisscartoon. You don’t need to add your personal or credit card info for using the services of this website. Also, this website gives you publicly available content so there won’t be any legal implications for using the services of this website. 

Can you watch anime on Kisscartoon?

Yes, you can watch your favorite anime shows on this website as well. The most popular shows on this website include Teen Titans, Ben 10, Pokémon and Sesame Street. Kiss Cartoon Rick and Morty is another insanely famous show on this website. You can watch all the latest as well as the initial episodes of your favorite cartoons and anime on this website. It is a highly recommended source for streaming your favorite cartoons and anime.

Visit these websites right now for streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, Cartoons and anime for free, in premium streaming quality.

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