India is indoors, no thanks to the Corona outbreak, a three week lockdown is in place. People are working from home or enjoying paid leave. Whether you are a student or a professional, you are probably having some time to yourself. Now, three weeks is a lot of time if you are not running to the offices or to the universities. It is time you quit complaining about how bored you are and also stopped worrying about the pandemic. Be careful, follow the health advisories and start learning something online. You are surely going to spend a good amount of time with your laptops or tablets, so, why not make good use of it.

What to learn?

Well, for what it is worth, you could start learning a musical instrument, say the guitar. But the problem with these is that you will not even start to scratch the surface in three weeks and you might quit just after office starts. So, let us not kid ourselves and learn something that can directly affect our career. You probably have heard, read and seen a lot about data science and its growing application lately, it is your chance to join the bandwagon.

How to start?

Remember, you are not learning to become a data scientist, your goal should be to break the initial shackles and give it a healthy start. The first and most important thing to do is to assess where you stand. You can start anywhere between the basics of big data to an advanced machine learning training course.

Read about various tools and technologies pertaining to data science; select a niche of your interest; choose a level based on your experience and skills; begin the search.

How to find the right course?

Search for the best online courses by different institutes.

Make a list of institutes based on ratings, reviews, course fees, course lenghth and faculty profiles.

Once you have selected one, try to speak to people who have attended the course before.

Contact the institute and get started.

What can you expect to gain?

You will probably not complete the course in three weeks but once you have gotten started and invested the money, you can count on yourself for continuing. The most important thing that you will get out of this is the confidence that you can learn and grow further. A new certificate and an additional skill helps you revamp your resume. New opportunities might present themselves before you. Your employer or recruiter gets an impression that you have a keen dedication towards personal development.

A new world of opportunities

Taking your first step into the world of data science can have crazy consequences. You may just find the treasure trove of knowledge you had been searching for. Once you have started there is nothing to stop you. With persistent efforts you can turn your career towards data science and be a part of the most spectacular technological movement of this millenium.