If you are having a hard time choosing what is right for your next project, then you have come to the right place.

The question of what to choose between React.js and Node.js has popped up into the minds of many entrepreneurs and is a constant dilemma since Javascript is very popular, especially after the arrival of multiple JavaScript frameworks.

So, confusion is okay or rather I should say as Michael J. Gelb says,

Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity.     

But confusion will only turn into creativity when you get clarity. 

So, we have come up with this article for you to obtain clarity about if you should choose React.js or Node.js for your next project. 

It is essential to understand the fundamental difference between them before we move on. 

So, Node JS and React JS are both JavaScript frameworks; however, both are significantly different from one another.

While Node JS is a backend framework, React JS is used in developing User Interface.

To further understand what’s better for your next project, you must first have a clear picture of both the frameworks. For which we have decided to share some points on how both of them can benefit your application significantly.

So, don’t worry, we’ll help you understand which is better for your application and which programmer must you hire to build it.

So let’s get started with the basics!


Node.js is an open-source environment that is used by JavaScript to run outside of the browser. 

Keep in mind that Node Js is not a framework, neither it is a programming language, it is a runtime environment.

It is used for the backend development of an app; it develops backend services like APIs. 

If you need to build a complex application simply, my suggestion would be to choose Node JS for your project; it does the task. 

Using node.js, you can create various types of applications like real-time chat applications, command-line interface, web application, and REST API.

Node JS is preferred by many companies, amongst whom the most prominent names are: Netflix, Walmart, LinkedIn, Uber, Paypal, Trello, NASA, and eBay.

Some fantastic benefits you will obtain by choosing Node JS for your app:

  • High in performance:

Node JS offers high performance, which has contributed to it becoming a standard for enterprise-level organizations.

It is made on Google Chrome’s V8 runtime and is written in C++, as I mentioned above, it is amazingly fast. 

It is regularly updated with performance optimization, security, and support of ingenious JS features. If you need to decrease the response time of your application, this is what you choose. 

You can bid farewell to all the second thoughts.

  • Lightweight:

Node JS runs single-threaded applications effectively. All node js applications use event-driven architecture. It involves everything on the app, every single operation. This is called the progression of asynchronous callbacks.

The single-threaded application system makes the Node JS lightweight.

  • Super Fast:

As I mentioned above, Node.js uses V8 runtime, which adds on to its speed by compiling JS codes with speed. Another factor that makes Node JS super fast is the event loop feature. It’s a single string that plays out all the I/O activities synchronously. 

  • Language reuse:

Node.js uses a single language for all layers. 

Other languages require developers to have relevant knowledge of other languages, too, to compose the code on the server-side. 

However, Node.js eliminates the need for that. Using node.js, web programmers can interact in the single language on both the front end as well as the backend.

A plus point is that this language can be reused as much as the coder wants for future communication. 

These are some pointers that you must remember before you choose your applications’ tech stack. It is vital to hire node js experts if you want to use the program optimally. 

Let’s now come to React JS.


React.js is a JavaScript library that was launched by Facebook and is currently maintained by a robust community of developers. It can be used in the development of mobile applications or single-page applications.

React.js is used for the client-side development of the web application and works on Model View Controller.

As I mentioned above, react.js is preferred by developers for creating single-page applications. And later, the libraries are used to support web applications.

Although many companies use react.js, some famous ones are Airbnb, Myntra, UberEats, Instagram, and Discovery VR.

What makes React.JS worthy?

  • Fast and money saver:

The main component that all organizations look for before creating their apps is if it’s time effective and budget-friendly or not?

No organization, big or small, would like to build their application on a framework that is expensive and takes time to develop. 

React.js caters to that issue. It has multiple reusable components that enable easy and inexpensive maintenance of the application.

In addition, it also facilitates React Native, which is a popular cross-platform framework. 

So, the app you develop is inexpensive, effective, and works on almost all platforms.

  • Highly stable:

Since a strong community of developers maintains it, it is updated from time to time. There’s minimal risk of going outdated since the community keeps it updated and in trend. 

  • Reusable Components:

The reusable components of a framework act as a great benefit for a developer; it allows them to build different applications with similar functionalities.

It reduces the efforts one needs to put into app development and ensures flawless performance.

  • SEO Friendly:

SEO is a must when it comes to promoting your application and making it reach the audience. So, it’s crucial to choose a framework that’s SEO friendly. 

React.js is tried and tested by many organizations when it comes to incurring a good rank on the search engine. 

React.js can build up a high-quality application that is reliable and SEO friendly. BONUS!

Although react.js could be and should be a part of your next project, you must hire react.js developers to ensure you take full advantage of it.

I believe you have had a good idea about both the JS technologies by now and have got some clarity regarding it.

Make sure you have the back of a dedicated expert who will help you achieve your goal ASAP!