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Recently diagnosed with cancer? You are not alone. More than 1,760,000 new cases were reported in 2019 alone, with more than 600,000 cancer deaths being projected to occur by end of this year.

No one sees this coming. However, once you are in such a situation, accepting things as they are and taking charge helps immensely during recovery.

With any traumatic and life-altering situation, the best plan of action after diagnosis is to gather information. Today, we will talk about healing cancer naturally books, and how these can help you manage and overcome your condition.

The Best Books on Natural Cancer Treatments

Being a cancer patient is obviously overwhelming. One of the best things that can help you ease your trauma is reading. While we will have to more to say about this later in this article, here we offer you some recommendations about healing cancer naturally books without any agendas or biases. These are books that readers have found both insightful and inspiring, as they feature real stories and real results.

Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless

This is biography of pioneer German dietary therapist Dr. Max Gerson, who we now remember as the creator of Gerson Therapy. The book is authored by Howard Strauss, Barbara Marinacci and Abram Hoffer. This book chronicles the inspiring story of how Gerson devised a special diet to cure his migraine headaches, and how he discovered that is approach also works for all chronic and degenerative diseases, including cancer.

Gerson Therapy Handbook: Companion Workbook to “A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases

Published by the Gerson Institute, this book offers practical tips and recipes following the Gerson Therapy discussed above. Readers learn how to adopt this therapy at home, including psychological considerations, recipes and common mistakes to avoid.

31-Day Home Cancer Cure

Authored by Ty Bollinger, this book comes highly recommended as a quick start guide to fight cancer. This book is both informative and inspiring, highlighting success stories and also educating the readers about the reasons of the widespread diagnosis of cancer in America. The practical part is the 31-day detox protocol that is simple to adopt and is all natural. There’s another book by the same author by the name of ‘Cancer: Step Outside the Box’ where he highlights alternative cancer treatments.

Eat for Health

This book is written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who also takes a nutrition based approach to reversing cancer and also promoting health. This is solid, in-depth education on how to eat your way to cancer recovering, developing healthy habits along the way.

A Day in the Budwig Diet

When it comes to natural cancer treatments, Dr. Budwig’s approach is still considered one of the best. In this book, authors Ursual Escher and Gene Wei talk about Dr. Budwig and her pioneer work in discovering the healing properties of fatty acids. You then get to learn Budwig’s main recipes, foods to avoid, other natural treatments, and how to develop a daily Budwig routine. All this is explained though clear and vivid illustrations.

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