The 3M 1860 Disposable Respirator has been specially designed to protect users working in the health area against particulate matter. It is intended to reduce exposure to certain particles in the air. Protection against particulate matter such as dusts and mists and biohazard with TBC approval. FDA approved for use as surgical face masks uk, it is disposable and resistant to liquid and blood splashes.


Mask – Respirator 3m1860 for Tuberculosis

The 3m 1860 respirator mask use to have a soft inner layer for the additional comfort and as it happens to be fluid resistant, it assists reducing possible user exposure to blood and rest of the body fluids.

It is fluid resistant for the purpose of reducing exposure to blood and body fluids for healthcare personnel, so it can be used in surgeries.

Does not contain latex or natural rubber components.

It can be used during the administration of drugs to AIDS patients

When used correctly and in combination with eye protection it meets the standard for blood borne pathogens.

3m 1860 respirator mask

Provides excellent bacterial filtration, protecting against user-generated particles.

Certified under specification N95 of the British standard. It complies with the standards for the transmission of Tuberculosis bacteria from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the UK).

It should not be used in people whose respiratory system is severely affected or have some type of respiratory disorder. Don’t make use of in atmospheres whose oxygen content use to be below 19.5%. Don’t make use of in atmospheres where the contaminant happens to be in concentrations. Don’t use in atmospheres comprising vapors and toxic gases.