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Reasons why fantasy games are a dream for every investor

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Cricket may not be a religion but many Indians consider it on similar lines. They allow their live to revolve around it, go on to worship their favourite cricketers, pray to them in the same way they treat gods. But no point in mistaken they are not superficial human beings. They are blessed with vast knowledge and know- how as far as the sport evolves. For this reason,to play fantasy cricket app has come into prominence. They offer experts a chance to showcase their skill sets.

At an initial level the concept of fantasy games was centred to cater to the people who did have a sense of devotion towards the game but slowly with the passage of time went on to formulate a major customer base. Now how do you play a fantasy game? The moment a match is occurring, you go on to use the knowledge of both the teams, their form along with a tinge of instinct. Even the forms of the respective teams have to be taken into account. Considering how well the players go on to perform you give them points. In fact fantasy games are played by a large number of players all over the country. So once the game ends the scores of the users are calculated and the one with the highest number of points wins.

Market potential with fantasy related mobile cricket apps

Cricket occurs to be a multi-billion dollar industry and rated to be one of the profitable ventures in India. At a global level there are more than 1 billion fans that fall in the age bracket of 16 to 69 years who have a passion of sports. Nearly 90% of cricket freaks are from India. If wemeasure the level of enthusiasm for the game, 95% of the masses was interested with ICC Cricket World Cup, while 88%  have gone on to show interest in ODI whereas T 20 is popular among 92% of the group. Apart from this, nearly 70% of the fans tend to love test cricket especially when England go on to play the game.

Numbers related to fantasy game

As far as fantasy cricket as compared to March 2018 there are around 20 billion users. This figure is expected to rise considerably in the next few months. By the year 2020, this game is expected to cross around 100 million users. So no wonders to the fact that fantasy cricket playing 11 is trending new charts in the present year.

Not only in a country like India are mobile fantasy cricket apps gaining prominence all over the world. Nearly 70% of the masses who go on to play these games tend to do it with their mobile phones. With interest in this segment on the rise more business are planning to enter this domain so as to cash in on the benefits.

No surprises to the fact that India is one of the leading players as far as fantasy apps are concerned. The growth rate is a precise indicator of that and the numbers is increasing on a daily basis. Even the numbers are expected to rise in the days to come. An interesting piece of statistics is that in the year 2019, nearly 352.9 mobile apps were being downloaded.

The cricket of today is more than a sport, virtually a huge form of business opening up an array of opportunities. All the major cricket playing countries have a huge fan base as far as fantasy based cricket is concerned. The main reason why this game ceases to be a success is not only every fan works out to be an expert but this works out to be the perfect platform to showcase their expert skills. There are some reasons for you to invest in fantasy based apps as follows-

Less competition

The early bird catches the worm is a truth which holds valid in such cases. As fantasy cricket is a novel idea, the competition in the field is not that great. If you ponder for long the competition is expected to rise in this field as you could end up losing the worm. Once you launch early you can go on to capture a lot of fans as there is no need to be facing the competition head on.

Work on your skills

Once you launch the app at the last moment this can put you in dire straits. You might not even be aware of the bugs emerging and the changes you have to be making to your app. If you launch an app early you do get sufficient time for improvement as the experience seems to a seamless affair. To get it right in the first attempt is not an easy task, so ensure you have sufficient time at your end to sort out things.

An open field

Apart from cricket there are various sports that you can include as part of this app. In a country like India the FIFA viewership is around 300 million, even though the country does not participate in the sports. On similar lines like cricket the non- participating audience makes a major chunk of your audience. The key is to include as many games as possible.

A legal course

Fantasy cricket is a legal concept in India as there are no problems associated. As it is not gambling or cheating, you have to consider it as a form of skill. For this reason there are a number of players who are attracted to the game.

Last but not the least every year there are a number of opportunities that come up with fantasy based cricket. In fact the offer never ends as far as fantasy based cricket is concerned. With the passage of time more and more countries would be drawn to this game as the future presents a rosy picture

Above are mentioned some of the major reasons why you should be investing in fantasy based cricket games.

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