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Call center

The call center or Telephone Call Center, today constitutes a strategic resource for companies, because many people use the telephones to make inquiries, request information or do business, saving time, effort and money.

A call center is an area of ​​the company that is responsible for receiving and making calls for specific purposes, so it must be systematized, organized and supported with information technology.

Obviously, in the first place, we have to understand what a call center is. It is a call center through which they will attend our clients either to advise them, to indicate certain guidelines that they shake previously, or even to attend Returns or any other type of service we have in mind.

It is a substitute for the telephone service that until recently was hired directly by the interested company.

Which meant a considerable monthly cost, especially if we wanted to offer a complete service and careful customer service.

And for sure, you will be able to use the call center service for virtually anything we need, whether to advice clients, to provide information, to inform about our Artificial Grass Dubai products and services, as a customer service channel, etc.

Use of the call center

As we mentioned, call centers serve to offer services through telephone calls, which are usually business, technical support, customer service or emergency.

Since the agents train to provide these services, these are qualified people who can fulfill the task of giving a good deal, resolving customer problems or doubts, among others.

These companies can be of two types, those that provide the service of their own business or those that offer their services to other companies. In turn, they can also divide into two categories:

  • Call center that aims to receive contact by telephone from customers who have a need.
  • Call center that emits calls to people or customers to offer both products and services

The operation of the call center

This system has a very simple operation, and we are talking about a company outside of ours that has personnel prepared and trained to perform this type of customer service.

The only thing that needs to do is to use a telephone number that will be the one that will appear as our customer service number or for any other service we want to offer.

So that our customers or interested in our products or services will automatically call that number, which directs a switch that is located in the call center that will be in charge of searching for available agents to be served in the shortest possible time.

In this way, what happens is that an algorithm launch that is the one that looks for the next agent and, above all, calls are passed in a rigorous order of arrival, thanks to which we will not have problems of having Customers who are waiting too long while others are served very quickly.

Call center services advantages.

Currently, the call center service is being implemented in most of the large production companies since their daily business relationships exceed the human capacity to be controlled by a single telephone operator. Implementing a telephone communication system of this style, offers those who own it, great productivity advantages such as:

  • Improve customer service quality
  • Contributes significantly to increased sales
  • It is an interactive channel that lets you know opinions
  • Allows greater control for decision making
  • Offers a greater customer approach
  • Minimizes costs and favors profitability
  • More calls can answer
  • Reduce the number of missed calls

There is also the advantage of having quality agents, who have qualities such as faster calls, experience in providing the services you need, pleasant and professional treatment, among others.

Also, customers will go through such attention until they answer their questions, being unlikely that the call will transfer to the personnel in charge of the company.

In the case of wanting to hire a call center to offer our services, that is, a call issuance center, then we can also save the investment and at the same time ensure that those same specialized and professional agents can sell our products and services to customers.

If the call center service well manages, you will get customers who can trust you and the quality service you offer, so when you call your company and have a question, you will have an immediate response.

It will not be channeled by several people so that in the end it runs out of the requested help. You will get accurate information.

Reasons to Hire a call center.

One of the first reasons why it is interesting to hire the services of a call center is precisely because it is the best way to get a professional service at a price well below the market.

That is, the only alternative we have to the call center would be to hire the staff directly, train and prepare them to serve our customers, which is a considerable expense.

However, in this way, we do not have to worry absolutely about anything, and from the first day our clients will be served with all the professionalism, and this is another reason why we recommend it, that is, we are talking of people who are specialized and fully trained to offer the service we have hired.

Which means that they will present multiple features such as experience, much more efficient call management, faster attention, much more pleasant treatment and, in In general, the Relation between call center services and profit growth in an organization.

With which we will achieve a fantastic effect with minimal investment.

Set up call center for retail customer service

Recently, when contacting banks, large online stores, and government organizations, we are accustomed to using the established information services of call centers. Progress does not stand still, and not only large and medium, but even small businesses are joining the services of call centers. Moreover, while it is typical for large and medium-sized enterprises to organize their contact centers, small businesses are willing to use outsourcing services of specialized companies.

Set up call center for retail customer service

A call center is a separate service or even a special company that provides such outsourcing services, which processes incoming voice calls from customers and makes their calls.

This organization can additionally process citizens’ electronic communications by receiving them by e-mail or SMS, conduct polls, receive and send faxes, conduct Internet chats, etc.

From a technical point of view, a typical call center scheme is a hardware-software complex within which routing of incoming and outgoing telephone calls takes place.

The equipment of the contact center allows you to record conversations, record voice calls, automatically determine the number of the caller, fill in the customer database, provide automatic answer services without operator intervention, and monitor the employment of operators. All these intelligent services carry out on a server running software, in modern systems, this combine with CRM.

The call center server hosts applications that are necessary for additional functions, for example, this is an interactive voice interaction system that allows the operator to provide typical information about the company’s services without operator intervention.

From the organizational point of view, the Setup call center for retail customer service:

  • It is a team of operators who conduct a dialogue with customers, one or more supervisors who monitor the work of operators and redistribute the load on them, a technical support group and administrative services.
  • Moreover, in large organizations, the work of operators is reduced to providing the most necessary information about the company and services.
  • To obtain specific information, the client switches to the manager, and the VIP-client is determined immediately by the phone number and connects directly to the manager.

We will give some practical advice on organizing a call center in small, medium, large and specialized companies.

Organization of a call center for small and medium-sized businesses


If we consider budget options, we can offer to organize a simple contact center based on the existing PBX using office phones.

Honestly, such a solution was popular 10-15 years ago and is suitable only for small companies that do not plan to expand, but for which the factor of cost savings is important.

All the functionality for the contact center can program at the PBX level, and the telephone equipment available at the company uses to communicate with the client.

The advantages of this solution are obvious for small companies that work on their premises and use wired communication, have an analogue mini-PBX and several office phones. The cost of the project is by far the lowest on the market.

Well, the downside here is that there is no way to scale the system and build functionality.

The second very important component of such a Call center is the CRM system. It manages relationships with customers: it keeps statistics, records of contacts, document management.

Personal computer use for the server, the configuration of which will be prompted by a specialized company. If necessary, a VoIP gateway, a GSM modem, and computer headsets for operators are required.

In this case, economy class headsets for Unified Communications (UC) systems are suitable. This headset uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

The signal broadcast in a wide frequency range. The noise-cancelling function allows the operator to get excellent sound quality in all conditions.

Such headsets equippe with the Sound Guard option, which protects the user’s hearing.

Ease of headset control, ease of connection to a computer, low weight and ergonomic design, as well as low price, these are the main advantages of using this equipment.

The principles for Set up call center for retail customer service


The organization of call centers in banks and corporations requires a slightly different approach than we described in paragraph

Outsourcing companies can adopt these system solutions.

For large contact centers (from 30 operators) it is possible to use ready-made installation cases from well-known brands: Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel, Oktell, etc.

These solutions use call lists, special scripts, advanced reporting, recording dialogues and referring to their history, etc.

In principle, the leading market leaders have also developed SAP solutions that integrate a variety of communication channels: telephone, corporate website, electronic mail, fax, etc. in a single channel for communication with a potential client.

Here, experts advise selecting professional telephone headsets that are reliable, long-lasting, convenient, and ergonomic.

Sound quality, noise reduction, hearing protection technology – these are the main criteria when choosing a technique. The operator needs to work with a fixed headset all day, at the same time, quickly perform customer tasks.

The selection technician it is necessary to take into account the compatibility factor of the selected headsets with different types of telephone and computer equipment.

Based on the considered options for organizing call centers, for IP telephony, “cloud technologies” or PBXs are usually selected professional wired telephone headsets.

A very long service life offsets their high cost.

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