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Most of us are meant to live a hectic life and adopt a fast-forward lifestyle due to busy schedules at work & home. Many people find it tough to manage household chores and other important activities that demand their time and attention in the first place. The lack of spare time and sufficient rest make them hassle while carrying out certain tasks & processes involved in home shifting. No doubt, hiring packers and movers is a good decision to save your time in moving your belongings without facing any stress and undesired hassles on the shifting day.

It all starts from the initial survey as movers and packers service providers visit the location one or two days before the scheduled day of shifting to avoid the last-minute rush. Right from making all necessary arrangements for packing, loading, shipping, unloading, & unpacking of goods to reassembling safely at your place, packers and movers in Gurgaon, Delhi, & other metro cities of India take responsibility to provide stress-free shifting experience to you.

How to pack your apartment in case if you’ve just one day left?

If you’re supposed to relocate in one to two day then you must be having a lot of tasks to do. Go through our checklist to pack and prepare your personal belongings in one day. It seems a bit stressful as there are several heavy and large-sized items such as furniture and electronic appliances that you need to relocate along with some sorts of small & delicate stuff like crockery, mirror, fancy showpieces, etc. with utmost care & safety.

Even though it is possible to pack all of your stuff effortlessly in one day, we advise you to hire movers and packers to get full-service shifting without compromising with your budget, time, and comfort. If you’ve decided to pack your things on own then you must go through this checklist carry out the entire packing process hastily without worries:

  • Be ready with all packing supplies
  • Get packing material of the best quality
  • Keep all materials handy while packing goods
  • Each item must be packed separately & carefully
  • Put all packed goods safely at one place
  • Pack every item appropriately using wrapping paper, tape, & scissors
  • Ensure that packing is not too loose & too tight
  • Use bubble wraps for delicate items & cardboard boxes for large ones

Here is a list of packing supplies you need to pack your goods if you’re not going to avail packers services in Noida, Delhi, & other zones of NCR:

  • Cardboard boxes for bulky & heavy items like furniture, refrigerator, desktops, vehicles, etc.
  • Bubble wraps for delicate things like glassware, crockery, decorative showpieces, etc.
  • Old newspapers & t-shirts to pack small & daily used items like wooden flower pots, scenery, etc.
  • A pair of scissors and packing tape to secure the packaging
  • Markers to mark each item to avoid a hassle in case any item goes missing after shifting has been done.

You must get all these packing supplies to ensure the safety of your belongings at priority. These packing materials are specifically manufactured to protect goods when they’re relocated from one place to another. Whether you’re moving within a city or a new state, you must get the best packers and movers in Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, & other metro cities. Since most people are temporarily residing in urban areas, they rely on on-demand home shifting services to move at their peace of mind. Getting back to the point, if you’ve made your mind to pack and move your apartment on your own, here is a guide for you to pack your home in one day:

Start with one room at a time: Whether you live in an apartment with a single room or double, triple, quadruple rooms, you must start packing only one room at a time. Don’t rush from one room to another to collect your stuff and start packing them in a hurry as it will cause an unnecessary nuisance to you as well as your neighbors.

 Rather than draining your energy & wasting your time in carrying your things from here and there, it is better to start from each room and pack each movable safely. After packing each item, you can keep them separately in different boxes. Lightweight objects like books, accessories, clothes, etc. must be kept together in large boxes while fragile items must be packed using bubble wrap and newspapers to provide extra layers of protection against breakages, scratches, or damages.

Label all packages & boxes precisely: All packers and movers for home shifting in Delhi NCR make sure to label all goods before loading them to pickup truck. Labeling is important so that you can decide which box must be unpacked first after successful shifting. You must label all the four sides of each box you pack for moving and mark them as ‘special or open first’. This will save you a lot of time later on.

Keep all necessities for each family member aside: You never know when you will get time to settle down after moving to a new place. Therefore, you must not forget to pack your essentials or daily used items like hairbrushes, toothbrushes, medicines, shampoo, & other products you need for your convenience. This kit will be very useful for you and your family members.

Moving to a new apartment becomes stressful in the absence of the best packers and movers. Therefore, you must get those professional help hands to pack and move your belongings safely at the utmost convenience. Since these packers and movers will pack, load, move, unload, & unpack your stuff without any delays, damages, & hassles, you can relocate your apartment peacefully without crossing your budget & time limits.

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