A job at the merchant navy requires absolute good health in all aspects. You need to perform impeccably at the medical tests mandatory for joining the course. Mental fitness is as important as your physical robustness as the job requires thorough vigilance and energy to perform at all times. 

To have a lasting career on the deck, you need to get through all the tests that’d be fun through. To know more about the kind of assessments you need to be ready for, read on:

  1. Physique

It is one of the most important aspects that is assessed in the aspirants who wish to join merchant navy. 

To pass this test you need to weigh more than 42 kilograms and your height should be above 150 centimetres. The chest should be developed with a minimum expanse of 5 centimetres.

For women, the prerequisite conditions are reduced by 3.

  1. Condition of the Skeletal System

Merchant Navy aspirants need to be at the pinnacle of their health to secure good marks in this test. 

Your body should be devoid of any deformity. For eg. bow legs, skull depressions or fractures, spinal abnormalities, physical impairments etc.

Any sort of skeletal irregularities may lead to disqualification.

  1. Condition of Vital Senses

To be eligible for the navy your ear, nose and throat healthiness is important. There shouldn’t be slightest of deformation in any of the vital senses or signs of any chronic illness related to the same. You need to have a good hand-eye coordination to be able to perform your duties effectively.  There shouldn’t be any malformation or it may lead to rejection of the candidature.

  1. Speech Irregularities

The examinee needs to have no trace of speech impediment such as stammering, lisp etc.

  1. Cardiovascular Health

There shouldn’t be any cardiovascular irregularities in the candidate and they should have normal blood pressure in accordance with the guidelines. 

  1. Respiratory Health

The applicant should have no respiratory disorder like chronic bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, etc. Any respiratory disease that may be a hindrance while performing naval duties may lead to disqualification.

  1. Digestive Health

Your digestive system should not have chronic conditions. Any disease related to the liver, spleen or stomach will lead to rejection of the applicant.

  1. Urogenital System

The kidneys shouldn’t be enlarged or suffering from any disorder. Cases of hernia, albuminuria or blood in urine will be rejected.

  1. Nervous System

The applicant should not have any mental disorders. The motor and sensory coordination should be normal as any abnormality may rule out the chances of selection. Anxiety, depression or any other disorder will tick off your chances of being selected. You need to have sound mental fitness for performing well at your duty.

  1. Eyesight

A full field vision of both the eyes with no distortion of the eyeball, eyelid or any region around the eye is a must. An impeccable binocular vision is crucial to keep up to the selection standards. Colour blindness is also an aspect of rejection.

  1. Skin Irregularities

Melanoma, psoriasis, or any chronic skin issue will lead to rejection of the application. Any visible cuts or wounds may also incur the same.

  1.  Oral Health

Any trivial decay or loss of a tooth is also a key point for selection. To join the merchant navy you should have a perfect set of teeth.

These are the top aspects over which each candidate is judged. Failing to score in any one of the conditions would lead to the elimination of the application.