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Reza Irani

Reza Irani Kermani is the co-founder of a proprietary investment firm, Black Pearl Capital in the year 2007. BPC invests in different companies and businesses which are based on real estate and renewable energy. A bio-diesel plant based in Bromborough, UK is one of its main investments. The raw material of biodiesel is cooking oil which is processed in this company.

Earlier, Mr. Reza Irani belonged to Sogeres SA and Albert Abela Corporation as a board member. He was one of the youngest Executive and board members to work with the company. Albert Abela Corporation had around 40,000 employees and had branches in 44 nations worldwide. Catering was the main focus of the company, along with life support services, Salmon farms in Scotland, gold mines, hotel chains in Europe, and supermarket chains in the Middle East.

Reza Irani

Personal Details : Mr. Reza Irani finished 6th grade at Lycee Razi in 1980 which was a French school. He was born in Tehran and he continued his education in Valbonne, Sophia Antipolis in the south of France. He graduated with an IB program over there. To get his university degree, he moved to Birmingham, UK.

He studied Commerce and Production Engineering in Edgbaston at the University of Birmingham. He started working in London Based MIT as a clerk after completing his engineering in 1989. MIT was a subsidiary arm of MKS Finance SA, which is a well-reputed firm based in Geneva. He turned a trader in 1990 and became General Manager just a year later. MIT turned as among the leading trading companies worldwide under his tenure in Bullion and Foreign Exchange with turnover of $11 billion on a daily basis.

China started avoiding communism peacefully in 1993. In that period, MIT started partnering with MKS, a Chinese bank, which sold their share to Hong Kong based Po Sang Bank, a sister concern of Bank of China.

Mr. Reza Irani has been at the control of a joint venture. The change in mentalities won’t enable the significant and rapid growth which was expected and it soon appeared. Preussag AG formed a joint venture by approaching MIT, which is one of the leading German based ventures. MIT partnered with AMT with this opportunity. Reza has been held in charge of Foreign Exchange and Bullion trading partner of Amalgamated Metal Trading Ltd.

He was one of the youngest board members when he partnered with Abela Corporation. It was the leading catering company with over 40000 employees and presence in over 44 nations. Reza founded his company Symphony Partners PLC in 2000 in association with his partner Abbas Jafarian. Symphony was mainly based on asset management for properties for MENA Fund. It was engaged in financing, organizing, sourcing, and property management which are the core assets of their clients. Reza Irani founded Black Pearl Capital with Abbas Jafarian in 2007 as the one and only investment conglomerate. Reza enjoyed tremendous success with his company and investment. He is one of the leading businessmen in the world.

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