Your savings doesn’t make you rich, your investments do

The quote mentioned above is one of the most factual sentences to ever exist. When it comes to your wealth, your savings are perhaps nothing more than an emergency fund. While saving money should be a must-have habit in one’s life, it shouldn’t be your only way to create wealth.

Investing, in general, should be explored by every capable individual as there are a plethora of options available with a huge variety of returns they give, the risk they carry or the duration. Today, we learn how one can find the right investment option for himself in India on Lendbox, one of the leading p2p lending platforms in India.

Before seeking an investment channel, understand what you want and what you have. Investing towards a goal is a good way to strategizing your investment portfolio. Let’s say you received a bonus of 50,000 and you want to invest it to earn interest without any risk for a duration of 3 months. In such a scenario, the best option for you is Lendbox alternate low risk investment where you can earn up to 16% in interest with multiple investing products across risk-free to very low-risk categories.

Another good way to invest is to diversify your amount in the following pattern:

Total Amount 50,000 Term 6 Months

10,000 in savings

20,000 In Zero Risk Investment / 12% Return

10,000 in very low risk investment / 15% return

5000 in low-risk investment / 18% return

5000 in medium risk investment / 24% return

Following such pattern will allow you to make a profit even after a certain risk of loss.

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