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Roc Filing For Private Limited Companies

ROC refers to the Registrar of Companies. ROC is a significant department that monitors the functioning of private limited companies and works under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). ROC filling is an annual procedure mandatory to perform by every private limited company. There are some crucial steps need to be taken care of during the form filling.

ROC filling for private limited companies required all the major accounts details annually or half yearly. Some people call it Audit in common term. Balance-sheet, profit & loss account, Annual return, compliance certificate are some of the vital processes perform during Audit.

ROC filling is usually done in the supervision of experienced accountant as it contains a lot of significant accounting data. Let’s understand the procedure of ROC filling for private limited companies:

ROC Filling Through Online (MCA)

  • Download the ROC form from the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, i.e.
  • Fill the downloaded E-form appropriately and attach all the PDFs and XMLs documents as per the requirements. Check your form carefully and then attach the digital signature of the director and practicing professional. Do the final check keenly and then submit.
  • Follow the process of registration and receive the login credentials.
  • Upload the company’s e-form through your login account. Submit the form after signing from your system’s location.
  • You will receive an automatically generated service request number (SEN) after the successful submission of your form.
  • You can pay for the service through net banking or pay letter by downloading challan.
  • Status of ROC forms like, approved, pending, or reject of the ROC form, track through SEN.

Essential Points to Remember While Filling ROC Form

  • Balance sheet and profit & loss account should be filled as two separate ROC forms.
  • Each form must be submitted with an attachment of size equal to or less than 2.5MB.
  • It is good to submit PDF files of all the documents instead of a word or excel file. The facility of PDF conversion is available on MCA portal. One can use the facility properly and fill the form without facing any hassle.

Benefits of ROC filling of private Limited Companies

  • Track the financial status of the company: Process of ROC filling performed annually, which required the compilation of all the financial documents. This procedure helps to analyze the financial situation of the company like the company is incurred losses or attaining a good profit. On-time ROC filling offers some great advantage to the companies.
  • Company’s identity: ROC filling is a way through which private companies prove its existence. Annual ROC filling helps the government to recognize fake companies. Usually, companies that don’t participate in ROC filling consecutively for many years declare as default or fake companies through the designated ministry.
  • Relaxation in penalty of late ROC filling: Companies that don’t pay much attention to filling the ROC form on due time, penalize by the government. As a penalty, companies need to pay a good amount of fee; also company’s authorization comes in risk. Duly ROC filling saves your organization from any legal complication.

Companies who are going through the process first time can consult about the process and documents from experts. There are various online ventures which help an entrepreneur in significant process necessarily required. So, be a responsible citizen and perform ROC filling of your company.

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