The natural response of human beings to a new and unknown disease is to feel anxiety and seek protection. So many people are buying and even storing disposable face masks uk, PFF2 kind of. But, even if you have these masks in the midst of global scarcity, is this the most suitable option? The answer is no!

And if you know of people infected with COVID-19 near you, is the use of PFF2 disposable masks mandatory? The answer is still no!! Therefore, the general public does not need to use a disposable PFF2 mask to protect themselves from the corona virus (COVID-19).

Contagion can occur through contact with secretions contaminated by the virus or inhalation of droplets generated during coughing, sneezing and conversation.

Recommendations for using the surgical mask

To protect against the corona virus, a surgical mask may be indicated, because it is a barrier that covers the nose and mouth. It can protect the user’s respiratory tract from inhaling droplets projected from a short distance, and prevent the droplet projection generated by an infected person into the environment. Therefore, if a person is infected with the corona virus, it is recommended that they wear a surgical mask, in order to protect the people around them. Another situation is if the person has the flu, or thinks they have the corona virus; in such cases, you should wear a surgical Type 2R mask to protect others. Therefore, in your home, if you have symptoms of the disease, or if you are caring for someone who is sick, it is recommended to wear a surgical mask for your protection or to protect your family members.