Women empowerment is need of current times in USA as the world is growing fast so we have to move with time. According to a report from Wikipedia 46.5% of USA population consist of women. Out of which 56.0% are the labour force and 19.5%of them constitute the parliament. It is very necessary to bring up women as they are said to have equal amount of rights in society. Sarah Chamberlain is one of prominent lady who supports women empowerment and development. We support her for her initiative regarding women empowerment in social works.

Here are some tips to support and empower women in social works:-

  1.       Giving them freedom to lead projects:-

Every organisation needs to empower their women work force as we promise of women empowerment and so we must take measure by providing them to lead the team .Their ideas and thoughts must be taken into consideration. This brings a feeling of satisfaction and honour among them, which leads to an increase in their productivity and efficiency.

  1.       Providing equal wages for equal work:-

Every organisation must work for a true reason creating gender diversity schemes in the organisation. Organisation should remove the nature of male dominance in the organisation. Organisation should pay for the quality of work being performed and not for the gender who is performing the activity. Every employee should be treated equal  be it a male or female.

  1.       Setting up business goals with gender diversity:-

The organisation should work on with ethics and moral values. Women workers should not be given too much of work load so that in case of proving them self they forget their family and relation goals. This cannot be done overnight so steps should be taken to channelize them to maintain the gender diversity. Suggestion and feedback should be taken to improve the work culture and environment. The collected suggestion and feedback should be used to fix up business goals.

  1.       Provide helping hands :-

As of now, we are into a male dominant society and we should make opportunities for women’s working with us. Either in their conscious or subconscious mind they have assumed that they have to face greater challenges as their potential competitors are strong and they have to thrive hard to meet the organisational goals. There are certain times when men have to suffer of it. But, we should create an atmosphere where they can feel free to fly to their dreams. As of a report of last year only 24% of senior position is held by women. This cannot be done by lowering one another be it men or women but by helping each other to flourish.

  1.       Educate them of their rights and duties:-

An organisation must set up a camp or a cabin where female worker can be educated about their right and duties towards the workplace. So that, In case of a difficulty they can face challenges strongly with their heads held high. Here some  Laws which make workplace safer for women’s are:-

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
  •  The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) , Etc.

As far as we are concerned we give the best atmosphere to women worker to explore their skills and talents. As per our research and opinion, we found Sarah chamberlain, a reformer in the field of Women Empowerment and she runs a non profitable organisation to help women grow and flourish. We thank Sarah for her support and dedication to lead us to a gender diversified society women workers.