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Well stimulation is a well work carried out on an oil & gas well for improving of the hydrocarbon flow in the bore well, which in turn, helps in increasing the overall productivity of the well. The drilling process and completion fluids sometimes damage the formation by blocking pores in the reservoir, which acts as a hurdle in the flow of hydrocarbon, thereby creating a need for a well stimulation process to unblock pores. Hydraulic Fracturing and Acidization are the most common methods associated with the well stimulation. In general, hydraulic fracturing is used for the low permeability rocks like shale, sandstone, coalbeds so that the gas/oil flow can be increased. Similarly, acidization includes the pumping of the acid gases (CO2 and H2S) so that the minerals and composites are dissolved. However, this process is carried out in an extremely controlled environment so that the leakage and other related issues doesn’t take place.

The major factors propelling the growth of Saudi Arabia Well Stimulation Material Market include the rising demand for oil and gas in Saudi Arabi leading to an increase in the requirement for oil production. The increasing crude oil requirement across Saudi Arabia due to the increasing requirement for power generation is also paving the way for the growth of Saudi Arabia Well Stimulation Material Market. For instance, between 2015 and 2017, utilization of crude oil increased more than three times the amount of crude oil for power generation in comparison to Iraq. Moreover, the easy availability of the raw materials in the region (hydrochloric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, and aluminum), which are used for the well stimulation fluids production, is also contributing to the growth of Saudi Arabia Well Stimulation Material Market.

Based on the Well Stimulation Technology, the Hydraulic fracturing is anticipated to lead the market over the forecast period owing to its remarkable advantages, such as it helps in reducing the overall production cost. The Hydraulic fracturing technology lowers the product cost and eventually reduces the carbon emission.

Based on the stimulation material types, the Gel breakers and Acids segment is projected to grow at a fastest rate during the forecast period owing to the increasing number of reserves and the shifting trend towards rising offshore oil well production capacity in Saudi Arabia.

Various notable players in the market includes Saudi Arabian Oil Co, TAQA KSA, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, B.V NAMA Chemicals, Linde Group, Innospec, National Energy Services Reunited Corp, among others.

The Well Stimulation Material Market has been segmented on the basis of Well Stimulation Technology and stimulation material types. Based on Well Stimulation Technology, market comprises of Hydraulic fracturing and Acidization. The Hydraulic fracturing segment is further classified into Multistage fracturing and Re-fracturing. The Acidization category is further classified into Hydrochloric acid wash, Matrix acid stimulation, and Acid fracturing. On the basis of the stimulation material types, the market is segmented into Proppants, Base fluid materials, and Fracturing fluid additives. The Proppants segment is further classified into Ceramic proppants, Coated sand, and Raw sand. The Base fluid materials segment is further classified into Polymer gelling agents, Surfactants, Friction reducers, Crosslinking agents, Gel breakers and acids. The acid sub segment is further categorised into hydrochloric acid, hydro fluoric acid, and natural acids. The Fracturing fluid additives segment is further classified into Biocides, Corrosion inhibitors, and Scale inhibitors.

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