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Digital Marketing in 2020

When it comes to digital marketing, it is becoming the mainstream way of doing business over the traditional media. Up until 2010, business practices were being driven by traditional practices in which the entrepreneurs were adamant about giving up such practices.

But, after a decade, marketing is changing, and the ways of doing business are changing too. In order to sustain such a change, it is very important to adapt to the new practices of digital marketing if someone is willing to take it as their career path.

Digital Marketing is the New Bull

It is being expected that by the year 2020, a large portion of the companies is going to have their online presence which makes digital marketing a potential player in town. Being a booming industry this, in turn, is going to create a lot of career opportunities down the line.

Here is a list of some of the reasons digital marketing is going to be a big deal in 2020:

  1. Digital marketing is very cost-effective
  2. It helps in creating a prominent online presence
  3. Helps in increasing conversion rate
  4. Increases revenue generation
  5. Helps in increasing brand reputation and awareness
  6. Helps to pinpoint the target audience

With the ever-increasing demand for digital marketing skills, by the end of 2030, there is a huge potential for digital marketing to contribute half of the entire Indian economy.

Why is digital marketing a big deal in 2020?

Digital-marketing provides different livelihood opportunities.  In the event that you are interested in writing then you definitely are able to choose content marketing. If you have capabilities, net analytics can be chosen by you.  The extent goes on and on.

A report from the Silicon Republic claims that there is 10 times more rapid growth in the digital economy when put next to the usual market. Firms engaging in commerce are likely to grow the reach of digital advertising project opportunities.

We are almost moving to some world that is digitalized.  Back in internationally and India, many of the businesses push to have an online existence.  This, in a sense, will also create job chances in the sphere of promotion that is electronic by 2020.

Digital marketing is an evolving industry. Your digital marketing and advertising skills are enhanced along with the developments in technology.  This will definitely ensure career growth within the field of digital marketing.  In just a minimal budget, you can reach the sales and revenue targets through promotion.  The advantage of a promotion that is electronic is you may begin your business with a small quantity.  With no waste of funds, you can possess a higher return on investment (ROI).

Digital marketing has turned into essential day by day as a result of the favorable factors like generating high earnings, cost-effectiveness and enhance interaction with your prospective audience, enhance conversion prices, and notably to produce new awareness of your merchandise and introduce it at a way it sticks outside from the abundance of products that are similar.

Few occupation functions in email marketing become a livelihood option like Content writers and managers; Email marketers; Social media expert; SEO Manager; Web analytics analyst, Search engine marketer, Inbound Marketing Manager, etc. The quality of these job roles covers writing & managing the right content required for an organization,  develop marketing tactics to perform successful campaigns, engage & manage social media channels, enhance user experience optimization, use proper tools and analyze how traffic moves, etc.

Different Types of Careers in Digital Marketing:

There’s really just a very big quantity of chances from the digital advertising industry since you can find respective elements that are resulting in the immense extent and expansion of electronic promotion.

Becoming a Professional Blogger: You can opt for running a blog because a job that is full time and makes honest earnings.

Earning with Affiliate marketing & Ad Sense: By simply selecting a certain specialization of one’s attention and placing attempts to assemble site visitors and audiences will be able to assist you in establishing your blog/website/application.  Together side generating traffic, you also can produce a fantastic income using internet affiliate advertising methods & Ad Sense.

Becoming a YouTuber: Folks may also opt to be full-time YouTuber on your interest.  Emphasizing the principal issue is building your own crowd foundation and caliber delivery.  This will help you bring in properly with YouTube Monetization.

Beginning your personal free-lancing products and services: Simply by sitting down in the house, you’re able to assemble your customers worldwide and you’ll find various sites which can make it possible for one to supply you your services to customers through sourcing.

Starting your own Start-up/Agency:  Your training span of electronic promotion could even assist you in establishing your very own full-time digital advertising and advertising and advertising agency/start-up along with together with the assistance of electronic advertising and advertising and advertising providers presented, you’re able to construct substantial income way far also.

Scope for Digital Marketing in India

 India is one of the largest counties in the world, also shares some of the largest economies. With the post-modernization of the world, digitalization is taking part in every industry of the country. In such a case, it creates a great platform for all digital marketers in the world.

While more than 60% of the urban population is using the internet to ease their lives, businesses are getting an annual growth of up to 40% with the help of digital marketing. This not only increases the scope of digital marketing but also creates a progression in India.

Career Opportunities for Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital marketing is not a job role but an entire industry on its own. Starting from the marketing to keeping a check of all the visitors on a website, digital marketing is used in each and every step. Some of the job roles that are offered in digital marketing include:

  • Content writer
  • Content marketing executive
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • SEO experts
  • SMO executives
  • Inbound marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Conversion rate optimized
  • Web analysts
  • Affiliate marketing

Even with such a variety of job roles, marketing is still not saturated, which gives us a clear indication that now is the best time to pursue your career in digital marketing.


In a nutshell, if you are looking for a career change or a new one to start over, digital marketing is certainly one of them to consider. By the end of 2020, digital marketing is surely a good career to choose from. There is a huge opportunity to prosper in the career of digital marketing along with a great pay scale. With the proper skill sets at your hand, companies are most likely to grab you right away.

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