The most crucial thing nowadays is the safety of a student. Women always victimized. For this, a self-defense training course is mandatory for them in schools. A self defense training course includes simple yet effective self defense techniques for women security. These courses in schools focus on both the physical techniques and their personal safety awareness.

Talking about self defense we don’t need to master martial arts, as seen in the movies. Rather, these courses structured to make you capable to reduce the risk of any serious injury from an attacker.

Self Defense Training Awareness For Women’s

Surely, not only single women but every lady needs self defense awareness. What will you do if you’re walking to your home late at night and someone approaches you?

What if the delivery boy is not the delivery boy in real, he could be a thief or anyone? Surely, everyone in this world is not good. Self-defense is crucial for the protection of women themselves and their families. Though, the family is the most important reason for women to learn self-defense.


Self defense teaches us to use the characteristics of the attacker against him. In short, while in this situation, you just need to be brave and confident enough. Even if you’re not aware of the techniques, your confidence can help you and if you’re gone through a course, you can knock you, attacker, down easily.

When I was young, growing up, I was an introvert and antisocial person. I used to get afraid of someone so soon. I never liked sports. But then I realized that I could never survive this world alone like this. Then I took a self defense course from an institute and martial arts not only taught me the techniques for self-defense but also made me confident. So, self-defense makes women confident. To be socially accepted in society, self defense courses taught me techniques, forms, and confidence. And a woman should be physically capable enough to defend herself alone.

We can opt for any technique used for self-defense in martial arts and one of those is using fixed blade hunting knives Carrying these knives with you in these situations is good enough to protect yourself.  Always remember that your life and the lives of your family and friends are a lot more important than anything. So, never think that you’re a coward and cannot fight for anyone important to you in your life. Your life is made by these people either they are your well-wishers or the ones to hurt you. So, make yourself stronger enough for those who are important to you.

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Self defense also teaches you anger management and discipline. It makes you capable enough to control yourself in alert situations. So, if you’re carrying a fixed blade defense knife with you, you have a control over it, and then when and why’s to use it. These courses change your demeanor. These courses teach you control, strength, confidence, cognitive sharpness and awareness, flexibility and a lot more. I think we should encourage women training for self defense. Learning self-defense, a remarkable lifetime tool to encourage and push women to get out of an orthodox thought where there are men around to protect you in such situations.