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The manufacturing process is a complex procedure which involves various pieces of semiconductor equipment. The Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipments refers to all equipments used to produce semiconductor devices. These equipments can be classified numerous categories based on their respective application. The two broad categories of SME are: Front-End Equipments and Back-End Equipments.

The key factors which are driving the growth of the Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment market include the rising investment in R&D activities, increasing demand for consumer electronics, electric vehicle & hybrid vehicles, growing trend of technology migration and miniaturization, and the increasing demand for chips for AI application to offer computation power and connectivity. Moreover, the rising number of data centers and servers across the globe coupled with the growing number of Internet of things (IoT) devices and the increasing demand for silicon-based sensor will further fuel the market growth. The expansion of chip industry across the globe, especially in China, and advanced packaging products market is creating new growth opportunities for the market. However, technical issue faced during fabrication process, and growing complexities associated with miniaturized structure of circuits are some factors hindering the growth of the market.

Based on Front-End Equipment, the Lithography segment is expected to grow at a higher CAGR in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment market over the forecast period owing to the high system cost, growing need to reduce the thickness of wafer to up to 7nm node and improve production capacity, and the development of multilayer designing.

Based on the Back-End Equipment, the wafer testing segment is projected to grow at a higher rate in upcoming years due to the growing use of wafer testing during the semiconductor manufacturing process for functionality and performance at different points in the electronic devices.

Based on Product Type, the memory segment is anticipated to lead the market during the forecast period owing to the growing adoption of various memory devices such as synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM), Flash memory (NAND or NOR), and dynamic random access memory (DRAM) for computers, gaming devices, laptops, among others.

Based on the region, Asia-pacific is projected to grow at a higher CAGR in the global Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment market over the forecast period owing to the growing mass manufacturing of electronics products such as computers, laptops, sensors, tablets, smartphones, wearables among others in China and Taiwan. Moreover, the low labour cost is also helping the semiconductor manufacturing equipment’s market to grow in this region.

The key players in the market include Tokyo Electron (TEL), Lam Research Corporation, ASML Holdings, KLA Corporation, Applied Materials, Inc., Screen Holdings CO. Ltd., Advantest Corporation, Teradyne, Inc., Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Plasma-Therm LLC among others.

Key Development:

  • In Oct 2019, Plasma-Therm and Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility (CNF), a university research facility entered into joint development agreement (JDA) to advance atomic layer etching (ALE) for nanoscale device fabrication. In this agreement, Plasma will provide a state-of-the-art ALE system and CNF will provide ALE process and device development on a broad range of materials catering a wide research community.
  • In Sep 2019, Tokyo Electron (TEL) entered into merger of its own two subsidiaries TEL FSI, Inc. and TEL Epion Inc. which are subsidiaries of our US subsidiary, Tokyo Electron U.S. Holdings, Inc.

The Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment market has been segmented based on the Front-End Equipment, Type, Fab Facility, Product Type, Dimension, Supply Chain Participant, and key region. Based on Front-End Equipment, the market is segmented into Lithography, Wafer Surface Conditioning, Wafer Cleaning, Deposition, and Other Front-End Equipment. Based into Lithography, the market is further segmented into DUV Lithography, and EUV Lithography. Based on Wafer Surface Conditioning, the market is further segmented into Etching, and Chemical Mechanical Planarization. Based on Wafer Cleaning, the market is further segmented into Single-Wafer Spray System, Single-Wafer Cryogenic System, Batch Immersion Cleaning System, Batch Spray Cleaning System, and Scrubber. Based on Deposition, the market is segmented into PVD, and CVD. Based on Product Type, the market is segmented into a Memory, Foundry, Logic, MPU, Discrete, and Analog, Mems, and Others. Based on Dimension, the market is segmented into 2D, 2.5D, and 3D. Based on Supply Chian Participant, the market is segmented into IDM Firms, Osat Companies, and Foundries.

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