While there is no constant rule in the world of search engine optimization except change, there are strategies that can be adopted for longer times. The year in search 2019 was where very lucrative, for some it was nightmare too.

A few recent updates from Google in the end of optimization year 2019 set the tone for SEO in 2020. The latest most notable update was BERT that focused on natural language processing to identify more clearly into what searchers wanted to find.

While a lot of SEO myths have died over time, we are about to enter the search year 2020 and here is what can work for most SEOs according to Postesy.

Follow the intent of the searcher:

Believe me it wont go out of Google’s Algorithm even after 100 years. This is what every search engine is used by searchers “to find relevant information”. If you are not able to identify what the customer actually wants, you are already starting on a wrong note.

Search engines like Google have become smarter and can now identify with the help of user interaction via website and algorithms if the information provided is relevant to what the searcher has asked for. In fact the recent BERT & before it Rank Brain both are meant to provide the best of user experience and intent satisfaction.

But how would you find what exactly is the intent of the searcher, Keyword Research and it brings us to our next step as well.

Keyword Research in 2020 should be done new way:

Search is changing, SERPs are getting more competitive and more feature loaded as well. According to a study by SparkToro, now more than 50% of Google searches don’t result in a click.

Reason, search snippets and rich media on SERPs has increased.

To overcome this new situation, content marketing is the best answer. And keyword research becomes the most important in this aspect.

Find keywords that are not only problem solving but informational keywords as well.

Website technical optimization:

Ever since Rank Brain in 2015, technical website optimization has become the vital factor for ranking in SERPs.

A slow loading website will never be able to outrank a fast loading website in 2020. Embrace speed, get more visits.

Similarly schema integration can help you distinguish yourself in SERPs.

Internal linking and optimizing the URL structure of the website is also of paramount importance while talking about SEO in 2020.

SEO in  2020 – On page & off page optimization:

No doubt about these two, both on page and off page optimization are here to stay. However there is more to look into off page optimization.

Link building which is the most crucial part of any off page optimization strategy should be in line with latest search engine optimization guidelines from Google.

Get rid of any spammy or shady link building services or strategies you are using. Many people either buy backlinks or SEO services should also consider the links quality to be definite.

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