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SEO optimization: all you need to know to improve your sales.

When we search for a product on eBay’s internal search engine (which is called Cassini) we activate the algorithm of the site, which decides which products to show us and in what order. The algorithm preceding the current one ordered the objects by evaluating both the insertion history of the articles, and the price, and the relevance with the search keywords. Today’s algorithm, which is called Best Match, adds many other evaluations, because eBay’s goal is to improve the customer experience and therefore offer them the most relevant, most quality and most convenient products (which does not mean necessarily the cheapest.

How the eBay algorithm works

Between eBay and Amazon, the marketplaces that dominate the Italian landscape, there is a substantial difference that already makes us understand how different the two algorithms are: Amazon is himself a seller within the marketplace, eBay is not. The latter therefore has no interest in pushing some products to the detriment of others, and meritocracy is the engine of the whole system.

The eBay algorithm wants to guarantee the best shopping experience for the customer, so the more an object is searched, displayed and then bought, the more it will be pushed to the top of the search engine. From these data eBay understands that the item has been well described in the title and that it has an attractive price (otherwise the buyer would not have clicked on the item), and then that he probably has a convincing description and reviews and that the seller appears reliable (otherwise the buyer would not have purchased).

But the fight for the top positions does not stop here: the seller must demonstrate his ability to manage logistics, shipments, returns and customer care in general, otherwise the products will quickly lose the position gained. The goal to be pursued is to demonstrate to the algorithm that you are the right seller for that specific product.

SEO optimization to improve the position of the advertisements

The aspects considered positive by eBay’s algorithm, and therefore on which we must work, are:

  • Free shipping
  • Positive feedback
  • Good customer service
  • Precise and detailed product descriptions
  • Quality images, possibly their own
  • Effective shipment management
  • The right of withdrawal
  • Use of promotions and discounts
  • The ability to pay with paypal
  • Periodic use of auctions
  • The presence of keywords related to the search for the buyer
  • Optimization of ad templates
  1. Free shipping on eBay: why?

eBay has profit margins only on the price of the item for sale, and not on shipping costs; if a seller wants to offer free shipping, in order not to lose earnings, he will have to raise the price of the item. Assuming the seller has a product for sale for € 10 with € 5 shipping, eBay will earn a percentage only on € 10. To pay the shipping costs, the seller will have to increase the cost of the item to € 15, and eBay will earn € 15 and not € 10. This reasoning is enough to understand why eBay favors the ads that offer free shipping.

  1. The importance of positive eBay feedback

First of all, we clarify that neutral feedback has a negative value, not in the eyes of potential customers but in the eyes of the algorithm. Positive feedback will inform Best Match that the seller is doing a good service to the buyers, and therefore will increase the reach (i.e. the reach, the number of unique users who will see the advertisement).

So stimulating buyers to leave us positive feedback is a good move to improve eBay’s consideration of us. Like? Maybe inserting in the package a ticket that educates the importance of the 5 stars and that maybe offers an advantage for the next purchases or a small gift.

It is also necessary to work a lot on negative feedback, both to avoid them a priori and to recover those received: sometimes it is better to lose money than to receive negative feedback.

Statistics say that without solicitation only 6% of satisfied customers give positive feedback, while the percentage rises to 90% for disgruntled customers.

  1. Quickly answer buyers’ questions

Customer service management starts from how fast and exhaustive we are in communicating with customers or potential customers. Another wise move is to use the eBay page directly for correspondence and not emails, so that we can demonstrate that we have managed the communication well, in case the buyer declares otherwise.

  1. Why write detailed descriptions about eBay listings

If many users click on our ad, but then do not buy or otherwise interact, the reach is lowered: eBay thinks that perhaps our ad does not deserve to appear at the top of the search results. To prevent people from abandoning our advertisements, we must ensure that the description is detailed, clear and complete. Format the content of the description well, use the lists and write short paragraphs with descriptive subtitles.


  1. Why insert high resolution images on the advertisements

EBay guidelines recommend using 1600px images and never go below 500px. Furthermore, it is better to prefer your own images and not from the catalog, as long as they are of quality, sharp and pleasant. No text should be inserted on the images (yes instead of the copyright watermark) and they must be as professional as possible. Making good image galleries will boost your listings.

  1. eBay and shipping management

If you promise to deliver the goods within 5 working days, the buyer will expect to receive his purchase within 5 working days: probably after the sixth day the perception of the buyer will be of a slow shipment, and receiving such feedback is seriously penalizing. So you need to rely on efficient couriers. Always send the tracking number to track the shipment and pack everything perfectly to best complement the management of the shipments.

  1. How does the right of withdrawal on eBay work

The right of withdrawal is at the seller’s discretion and is not imposed by eBay, even if the minimum period allowed by law is 14 days. However, it is very important for eBay how this aspect is managed: if the right of withdrawal is presented in an unclear way eBay will penalize us, if instead we are clear, we do not ask for anything in return, if we extend the guarantee to 30 days, eBay will increase our trust.

  1. Use discounts on eBay

For eBay, buyers who offer discounts and promotions are rewarded, so occasionally lowering our prices could be an investment in gaining positions. But be careful: when creating the advertisement, the price without discount must be set, and then it must be lowered using the marketing tools (Sales manager → Marketing → Promotional sales manager: choose the product and indicate the percentage of discount or ‘amount). In addition, the user who adds an article on the list of observed which is then put on promotion, will receive a warning: therefore better to activate promotions on objects that are particularly observed.

  1. Why Paypal is better on eBay

Since Paypal belongs to eBay, those who offer this payment method are privileged, especially if it is proposed as the only available method. Furthermore, offering Paypal will make the buyer feel more comfortable.

  1. eBay Auctions: Here’s Why Use Them

Auctions do not allow you to earn a lot, but they are an excellent tool to increase visits, not only to the item in the auction but also to the other items offered by the same seller. Periodically offering auctions increases traffic to your account or shop, and this movement will please the algorithm.

  1. SEO SEO optimization and keywords

The title and description must first of all be functional and consistent with what is being sold, but it is possible to increase sales exponentially by inserting the right keywords. Titles can contain a maximum of 80 characters, which must be optimized to the maximum: we must study the product and the keywords related to it well, also checking what the competition uses.

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  1. Optimize your ad templates

The template is the graphic setting that we decide to give to our adverts: well-formatted texts, images also included in the description, links to the related ones, etc. A fast and professional template is a template that does not push the potential buyer to abandon the advertisement. If you are a professional salesperson, better avoid DIY and rely on professionals. Always make sure that your template is responsive (i.e. it adapts to both desktop and mobile viewing).

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