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The Coronavirus outbreak has made many companies change the way they do business. The enforced quarantine has meant that many companies are now being forced to have their employees work from home. So how can companies maximize this opportunity without incurring losses? The answer lies in using the remote staff.

The leader should lead by example

This is a time of uncertainty and transition must be led by the CEOs. The leaders in the company must be approachable and proactive, utilizing all channels to communicate with their employees. At this time, employees want to see the vulnerable personal side of their leader, rather than the strict professional side the leader always shows. A remote staffing solution can effectively help manage this, by enabling leaders to do video calls and chats with their employees whenever needed. People want encouragement at this time, and leaders can show their positive side, cheerleading their employees during these tough times. By leading by example and themselves going digital, your employees will also be keen to follow suit.

One of the drawbacks of working from home is that there can be a tendency to stretch into long work hours. This should be curtailed by the leadership by logging off at appropriate times. With remote staffing services this is very easy to accomplish as login and logout times can be easily set and customized.

What are your values, your purpose, and your mission?

This is a good time to reinforce what the company stands for – what are your values, purpose, and mission. This can further be drilled down to unique objectives and goals that all employees need to adhere to. Try to make these goals and sub-goals as granular as possible so that they are easy to attain. This sort of granularity enables employees to see the company vision and strive to be towards that vision. Educating your remote staff about these things can really help in achieving this vision.

Show your authenticity and truthfulness

Sensitive topics are bound to arise during this time and as a leader you must face these topics and try to address them with your employees. Your employees may raise various concerns, often sensitive in nature. At this time, a remote staffing solution can help you seamlessly navigate these issues as the technology present in these solutions helps you address multiple employees at once. If you show a hidden agenda or are trying to hide something, your employees will be able to tell, and it will make you appear more suspicious. This will also destroy any trust your employees may begin to have in you. Always be polite, compassionate, and tactful when using online channels to communicate with your employees. While remote staffing services can help with the technology side of things, the personal side, the human side must be brought about by you.

A culture of change

Change begins at home, or in this case, with you. If you are trying to infuse a digital culture within your company, then it all has to start with you. In a physical office space, personal relationships are easier to form. Casual banter, office politics, and team bonding all happen at the physical workplace. However, when you become totally digital, and have all remote staff then these casual conversations and banter need to also be infused into the digital medium. Taking an interest in your employees’ personal side must be incorporated to bring in that warmth in the digital space. You can utilize the digital medium and channels to create more spontaneous conversations and meetings with your employees. One example is an online water cooler which allows your employees to gather, converse, and talk casually. A remote staffing solution can easily provide such a solution.

Proper tools are essential

These days, there are a multitude of online channels and digital mediums available for you to facilitate the optimum work environment. From email to text messaging, wiki platforms, to video conferences and hangouts, the sky is the limit when it comes to these channels. With remote staffing services you can let your employees pick and choose whichever platform they may be comfortable with, so that it creates a comfortable environment. It is important to be much more flexible in this time of uncertainty and change.

Creativity in times of conflict

There will be many times when there will be interpersonal conflicts among your employees. In a physical workplace these can be easily sorted out. However, in a purely digital platform, it is easy for a lot to get lost in translation. Hence, it is important that you handle your remote staff with a lot of delicacy and creativity when dealing with problems. You will just need to be much more transparent, have much more conversations with your employees, and be proactive when your statements may be interpreted in the wrong way. Moreover, you also need to know the ways to check whether your virtual team is working or not. So, these were strategies that may help you in this crucial time to sustain your business activities.


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