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Why do we need to look after our roofing as a homeowner?

Well, imagine how stressful it is to get along the rainy season with your roofing unprepared. Aside from the uncomfortable experience, a plethora of health and safety risks can also happen. Since our roof is our first line defense in any danger from up above our home or any other structure, it is exposed in a lot of deleterious instances. These things are what makes it crucial for any homeowner to consider checking on their roof as often as needed. 

On the other hand, although the market place may offer a lot of options with sound quality, not all would be budget-friendly; hence, a lot of us tend to settle for an affordable one. However, while we settle for the roofing’s reasonable cost, behind our back is the troubles and complications that might cost more than the price of our roof. With the severe damages that your roof can obtain from heavy rainfall, freezing snow, melting heat of the sun and the defying force of the wind, there’s no way your roof can survive and stay at its previous state right after all these natural disasters. 

This is why every homeowner should take into account the fact that no matter how busy we are, our home’s roofing still requires a little of our attention to keeps us away from the agony of deteriorated shelter. 

Consequently, a roof that is not well maintained or is neglected can suffer in a lot of problems. These issues could be short or long term, but no matter what kind or type it would be it is imperative to keep yourself aware of those to know what to do and how you can get through from all of it. 

One primary short-term effect of roof neglecting is leakage. What’s more difficult in this problem is that this kind of roofing issue doesn’t stop but gets even worse. The more you overlook the small cracks and holes present on your roof, the more you’re likely to suffer from it. Not only that it is disturbing, but leakage is also one of the most dangerous issues, as it can also damage the electrical wires and circuits on your house, and even ruin your insulation and cause great damage to the other parts of your attic. 

Neglecting this matter can lead to the need for an instant replacement of your roof, which can be very costly. Next is the unnecessary increase in your billing rate. As a consequence of leakage, insulation can also be affected, causing an unbalanced temperature inside your house, which can give rise to a necessary usage of the heater or air-conditioned appliances. These issues can all trigger your electricity bills to rise. 

Another problem that can be caused by roof leaks is mold infestation. A leaking roof is a perfect inhabitation for mold and mildew, organisms that could easily spread across the house and cause severe health implications to the members of the household. 

Apart from the fact that it could badly affect any person occupying the establishment, mold growth can also induce further complications on your roofing if disregarded.  Following it is the surprise guests and pests. Because of the passages present in the roof, pests are very free to enter and have a cozy stay at your home. Not only then they can be very annoying, but they can then lead to further problems and danger inside your house.

Along with these are the long term effects. Serious damage in a water system, like too much weight gained from the leakage on your roof, moreover damages can also be the cause of a weak foundation which can end up collapsing. Apart from possible severe water damage is the decrease in property value. Infested and faulty dwelling might not be a good choice for any person who’s looking forward to purchasing a house; not unless it is on a rightful price. 

Considering the value of a house is based on its quality, selling a place with pests, weak structure, faulty roofing, and unpleasant molds may not be worthy of a good price and is uninteresting. 

Repairing unto your damaged roof is cheaper than spending money on replacement and energy wastes. However, things might change if short term matter is neglected. Further damages can be really expensive, the longer the issues are neglected, the bigger the money you might need in hiring a handyman to work on your roof’s restoration or replacement to gain a bigger value when selling it. 

These and more are the possible damages that can arise when you omit your responsibility as a homeowner. 

If you want to discover more about the short and long term effects of roof neglect, check out the essential information in this infographics from Fahey Roofing Contractors.

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