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Short-term Business Loan

The more maturity of business loan you have, the more stress and pressure you will be dealing with for repayment of the loan that’s why many businesses generally opt to get short-term business loans for urgent needs or requirements.

Time up for struggling for short-term loans for your business more now. Meet plangrip “Small Business Loan Provider” which offers you the short-term business loan at the lowest interest rates with lots of benefits such as accepting bad credit, loan will be delivered at an affordable interest rate, Loan amount from $7201.50 – $12962.70, no extra hidden fee and much more to avail.

The short-term loan at plangrip offers your business simple, safe and secure processing funding solutions to small and micro agencies and to grant small commercial enterprise economic assistance, plangrip affords this loan at very low-interest rates, developing them a notable a lot of low-priced choices.

What Is Short-Term Loan For Business?

Short-term loan is a term loan which is quite beneficial or popular for instant financial requirements or needs with less maturity period one year or less. For extending assets to hide brief deficiencies in cash thus, you’ll be prepared to meet payroll and different expenses, quick enterprise loans place unit quite useful. You will be able to even have a demand for short loans to pay your bills; i.e. to satisfy your money owed collectible obligations. you will simply favor a short loan to even out your income, noticeably if your company could be an alternate business.


Following Are The Factors Which Will Be Necessary For Short-Term Loan For Business

Usually, It depends upon lenders to lenders and especially those who assume your eligibility from your business credit score. These are some important things you must know before applying to get a short-term business loan.


  • Your credit score 
  • Business credit
  • Annual revenue or income will be required tool
  • How long have you been running this business?
  • Have You declared bankruptcy or not?

Why You Must Go With Short-term Business Loan For The Development Of Businesses, Look At The Reasons Why Is It So?

A short term business loan or finance is considered a perfect solution for many businesses in order to fulfill urgent require needs. Now, we have made this platform so you can have a speedy appear at all the offerings and the aspects that are associated with short-term loans at plangrip.

  • Don’t be stressed about credit score, it will certainly be accepted here for no doubt.
  • Equated Monthly Installments(EMI)
  • Available for both start-up and existing business
  • Your repayments will automatically be subtracted from your accounts
  • Because the short-term loan comes with low-interest rates, micro and small businesses avail this loan.
  • You will be able to get your amount just after getting the approval of a short-term loan for business within one day.
  • No extra hidden fee is required
  • More than 18 years old applicant can apply this short-term loan for business
  • Quite flexible repayment option 12 months – 24 months according to business funding.
  • Execution of the documentation process is quite easy

Eligibilities You Need To Follow For Obtaining Short-Term Business Loan

For availing short-term loans for businesses, you must have to fulfill some necessities or meet some eligibility criteria. To qualify for short-term business loans, you will be required to submit your price records for different borrowed loans, company’s or businesses, cash float records the place your profits and outgoing cash will be recorded, and earnings statements.

Short-Term Business Loans Eligibility 

  • You must have a net profit of 1 lakh
  • Must have a minimum of 1 year of experience would be preferred
  • Business annual turnover must be around 10 lakh
  • Business Current balance sheet is required

Some Required Documents Must Be Ready Especially For Short-Term Business Loan

  • 12 months of VAT( value-added tax) returns 
  • 12 months of financial statements are important to be mentioned to the lenders
  • Quotation of kit, machinery, article of furniture & different assets to be purchased
  • Documents related to residency proof such as bank statements, citizen ID card, adhaar card, passport, identity card, electricity bill, rental agreement or driving license
  • Date of birth certificates which will be obtained by tenth certificate, PAN card or credential
  •  Documents will be asked too such as adhaar card, passport, citizen ID card or passport for identification process
  • 2 passport size photos of the applicant
  • Business possession proof and profile
  • Documents of business registration is must

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