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Goa is a serene destination in India. Whether you are looking forward to exploring nature or enjoy thrilling party scenes, Goa would serve all the purposes. You might have come across numerous people who frequently visit the destination and return as a completely different individual.

Goa is a slice of paradise on the Western shores of India offering a diverse, captivating mix of food, lifestyle, people, cultures, etc. to all kinds of people. Even most of the celebrities and famous personalities have holiday homes in Goa.

Pristine beaches, endless sunshine, greenery all around, and cool and breezy winds are commonly found in the state, specifically during the tourist season which generally extends from October to March. If your work is stressful, demanding, and keeps you busy throughout the day, craving vacations is natural. However, if you have a holiday home in a relaxing area like Goa, you can go there for a weekend and recharge your batteries. Other reasons why you should be looking for Goa holiday homes are mentioned below.

  • Numerous beaches – Goa has more than 300 km of tropical coastline and every Goan beach has its special character and charm which means you will hardly ever feel bored. From the unoccupied, white sands of South Goan beaches to action-packed North Goan beaches in hippy Calangute, mellow Morjim, secluded Cola, colorful Palolem Beach, there are beaches for every soul. So, whenever you visit Goa for a weekend, you can visit a different beach with a unique vibe. If you are someone who wants a quiet and peaceful vacation, South Goa would be better.
  • Plenty of sunshine – If you love soaking in the sunshine, your stay in Goa is going to be pleasant. Although the days are hotter and sunnier, the nights are cooler and calmer. Having a mug of chilled beer in front of the sea while sitting on a shack on a sunny day, if this excites you, Goa would too. If you live in cold areas and like summers more than winters, you may even spend the colder days in Goa while fetching an abundance of Vitamin D for your body.
  • Magical culture – Goa is the smallest as well as most laid back, westernized state in India but you can still witness the Portuguese influence, which forms an alluring blend of the West and the East. People here are used to seeing others enjoying and having a good time while doing nothing. However, in a metro city, it is impossible to simply relax and do nothing. You feel like you are wasting your time. But in Goa, you can only focus on enjoying the mixed cultural feels and lazing around in your shorts and t-shirt.
  • International tourist attraction – Goa is amongst those parts in India where you feel you are outside the country because of so many international tourists. You will come across Russians, Italians, Israelis, Australians, Swiss, Spanish, Germans, French, Chileans, Peruvians, etc. And even the locals here are pretty chill, kind, welcoming, hospitable, and tolerant. The community in Goa is a mixture of free spirits and creative culture and this is why it is so much loved. If you are looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends, finding inspiration, and enhancing your creativity, staying in your holiday home in Goa for a few days would be beneficial for you.
  • Mouthwatering food – If you are a foodie, you will fall in love with the food culture of Goa. Due to settlers belonging to different communities across the world along with Portuguese influence, there are cuisines suiting every taste bud. Also, because of significant international tourism in Goa, you will find restaurants, pubs, shacks, serving every type of cuisine. If you love fresh seafood with spicy curries and loads of alcohol of all kinds, visiting Goa for food and boozy vacation would be ideal.
  • Nature – For all the nature babies, Goa is an exciting place. The roads here are covered with green trees on both sides and there are small streams and water bodies present almost in every area. Furthermore, Goa has hills too. The roads here are smooth and perfect for cycling, jogging, etc. You will also be able to dive and witness the underwater kingdom. Moreover, the beaches have cows and dogs playing as well. If you like staying amid greenery, nature, clear waters, and want to spend time in the lap of mother nature, do not postpone buying a holiday home here. Also, Goa has a very low level of pollution because of the lack of industries and the presence of so many trees.

The Bottom Line
Having a holiday home in Goa would make it easier for you to rejuvenate amidst nature and water with pure, pollution-free air. Furthermore, there are numerous alternative therapies, yoga sessions, and meditation centers to calm your mind and body and revive your spirit.

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