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Nowadays, computers are used in every field and industry, from medicine to business, computers play an important role in our daily lives. Be it working, playing games, watching movies, social media connectivity, shopping, video calling, etc. we spent an impressive portion of our day in front of computer or laptop screens. But how many of us use glasses to protect eyes from computer screen?

May be 50% of the computer-users wear computer glasses while working on it, whereas rest of the population either fails to wear, ignores or does not prefer to wear computer glasses at all. This is actually a wrong habit by which we are unnecessary causing harm to our eyes every time we spend 10-12 hours in front of digital screen devices. We fail to understand the fact that these digital devices emit damaging blue light from the screens which are directly hurting our eyes in various ways. In fact, many of us might have noticed problems related to eyes such as digital strain, stress, pain, weakness, redness, wetness, dryness, etc.  The seriousness of the matter is so strong that blue light is able to cause permanent retinal damage. It is an undeniable fact that we cannot stop using computers, but what is necessary is to understand how to protect eyes from digital blue light.

What are the glasses to protect eyes from computer screen?

The glasses to protect eyes from computer screen are known as digital eye strain glasses, computer glasses, anti-blue light glasses, blue filter glasses, or blue light blocking glasses. These are different names of one and the same glasses that prevent eyes from blue light emitted by computer or laptop.

The glasses to protect eyes from computer screen consist of two major coatings on its surface, namely:

Anti-Blue light; and


The anti-blue light advanced coating on the surface of the lens, prevent the harmful blue light from entering the eyes. This is because the delicate lens of the eyes is not capable enough to block the blue light rays and let them enter the eyes to reach up to retina. It is here at the retina, that the blue light creates the havoc and causes several eye-health related issues. When the blue light is blocked on the lenses of the digital eye strain glasses itself, irrespective of being prescription or non-prescription glasses, the eyes are protected from blue light effects.

On the other hand, the anti-glare coating on the inside and outside surface of the blue light blocking glasses blocks the occurrence of reflections on the lens. This, in turn, provides the enhance vision clarity by removing the hindrance of glares that troubles in focusing on the objects or computer screen.

Which is the best manufacturer of glasses online?

If you are looking to buy glasses online where you can get glasses to protect eyes from computer screen, then select a trusted manufacturer who has managed to get positive reviews from the loyal customers. We are talking about Specscart which produces quality eyeglasses at economical prices with enhanced clarity of vision.  Besides, you can order blue light blocking glasses that are able to block 99.99% of blue light as well as glares from affecting the eyes.  Moreover, you can order your prescription or non-prescription glasses online from the comfort of your home and get express glass delivery with 24 hours of dispatch criteria.

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