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A car is made up of various components that further create dedicated systems. These systems are essential for a smooth drive and therefore, their health is vital for the vehicle.

One of such integral car systems is the suspension system. Every automobile you see on the roads is built with an effective suspension system. It keeps you safe while you are trying to take a turn or about to hit a bump. Therefore, you must need a car repair Uxbridge service whenever you observe an issue in the suspension system.

Just like all the other systems of a vehicle, the suspension may be damaged. As a result, its effectiveness is reduced to a considerable extent.

If the driver is not wise enough to catch the initial warning signs, the system may completely fail.

If the entire system or any part is damaged, it needs instant repair or replacement.

Unfortunately, not all the drivers are aware of the need for a healthy suspension.

Often the suspension system in a car is made up of wheels, tyres, springs, shock absorbers, and steering system.

While an issue takes place in your suspension system, you start to feel the change in the behaviour of the car. You observe crossing a bump is not easy now or you are unable to operate your steering wheels smoothly.

As mentioned above, your suspension system consists of different parts. The issues may occur in any part to increase your driving problems.

Let us look at some main parts of a suspension system.


If the wheels are causing problems, it means the wheels are mounted on the axle inappropriately. Wrong alignment or improper balancing also make the driving more difficult to the drivers.


Punctures in the tyres would not allow the vehicle to move. Moreover, over- or under-inflated tyres are not ideal and disturb the suspension. Too much in the tyres makes the vehicle uncontrollable. On the other hand, underinflated tyres increase the risk of uneven tread wear. Therefore, check the air pressure in your tyres regularly. Moreover, do not keep your tyres punctured for a long period.


The suspension system in a car has a coil spring that holds the car vertically. If the spring is broken due to any reason, your car is supposed to sit more than normal. Furthermore, a damaged coil spring leads to the disturbance of wheel alignment. The problems persist if your vehicle hits a bump or pothole.

Shock absorber:

It is not easy for the driver to cross a speed breaker if the shock absorber is not working properly. Without a shock absorber, the vehicle is supposed to bounce or squat excessively while the drivers suddenly stop the vehicle. If your shock absorber is broken, do not drive your vehicle at high speeds and avoid harsh braking, cornering, and tailgating.


Struts are responsible for holding the body of the vehicle off the ground. Any issues in struts directly affect the smoothness of steering and alignment. Just like coil spring and shock absorbers, any damage in struts makes the driver uneasy for the driver.

Steering system:

If you feel holding the steering wheel is not an enjoyable experience anymore, you have to check the steering system entirely. The problem may occur in the steering system along with pressurized fluid that provides the power to turn the wheels.

The moral of the story is that you must not drive with a broken suspension system. In case you are observing any suspension system failure sign, just send a message to M & C Tyres and resolve our problem instantly.

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