The Level 2 SIA door supervisor course London will give you an instant opportunity for employment in the security industry as a door supervisor. It is the most demanded working license in the UK. So, you shall get an immediate job opportunity with this award. You can work and earn good money. In this article, you shall learn different dimensions of the job and answers to the queries you have in your minds.

 Who do We call a Door Supervisor?

An SIA door supervisor course London is security in charge of the workplace. He is responsible for all the people present in s specific area or work premises. Their working premises may include the places licensed for serving and selling of alcohol like bars, pubs, hotels, casinos, nightclubs, concerts, sports events, or other restaurants.

A doorman will check the legal age for alcohol consumption, check and search each individual entering the premises, and deal with conflicts. They can be hired privately for the events, or have a permanent or full-time job.

Why Choose a Career in the Security Industry as a Doorman?


  1. Part-Time/Full Time Job

It is the biggest advantage of being an SIA door supervisor course London. You can get a job for the time that suits your maximum. You can be a full-time door supervisor or a part-timer if you are doing another job like studying. A good earning will help a student to pay his/her tuition fees.

    2:Flexible Working Hours

This job will let you enjoy flexible working hours in different positions. The door supervisor training London opens new doors of opportunities with flexibility.

III. Good Earning

I promise that this job will provide you more earning than any other scale in the security industry. Even a student can pay his education expenses easily.

  1. Get Hired Quickly

Door supervisors are the most demanded personals in the security market. So you may get hired immediately after completing the SIA course London. Most employers prefer to hire a door supervisor than a security guard.


What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Door Supervisor?


  • Checking the suitability of the people at the entrance of the venues i.e. they are not carrying any drugs, weapons, or other harmful objects
  • Collecting tickets or checking passes and cards to enter the venues
  • Watching people’s behavior at the event to check any suspicious activity
  • Dealing with the conflicts inside and outside of the locality
  • Escorting the problem creating individuals out of the venues
  • Dealings with emergencies at the events
  • Reporting and recording the emergency details to the authority


What are Knowledge and Skills Requirements for a Door Supervisor?

Door supervisors do not work alone at a place. They are performing duties in a team of two, three, or more people. Their job needs attention to every movement of the people, strong stamina, quick observations, and good communication skills. We can summarize it in the following list:


  • A door supervisor should have strong physical robustness.
  • He should be courteous in manners and polite in dealings with the general public.
  • A door supervisor should have extensive knowledge of health and safety regulations by the government and other licensing laws.
  • Requirements:

  • He should have excellent communication skills.
  • That should have quick decision-making ability to deal with occurring conflicts.
  • He should endure high power and tirelessness, so the door supervisor can work for long hours.
  • He should be good in observations and has the teamwork skills.


What are the Education and Training Requirements for Getting the SIA Door Supervisor License?

There are no specific education requirements to get a license. But, you must be

  • aged 18 or above
  • have attended the SIA accredited door supervisor course training
  • and pass the criminal record

However, it does not mean that you cannot apply for the course with a criminal record. If a person is alleged with serious convictions, court trial, warning, or other charges, then the SIA will examine the seriousness of the charges before a final decision. The SIA authority will decide to refuse or accept your request for the license.

Course Outlines

Course outlines are listed below that, you must cover them in 4 days’ workshop before applying for the license:


  • Conflict management
  • Drug and security awareness
  • Fire safety control
  • Civil and criminal law
  • Customer care

 Why this Course Matters?

 This course insight the three key areas of a door supervisor’s job

  • legal roles and responsibilities
  • quick thinking and decision making
  • communication skills

On the successful assessment, you will be able to get an SIA door supervisor course London award/ certificate. This award is valid for three years from the date of assessment. When the license is expired, individuals need to renew it to continue the job as a door supervisor in the security industry. No additional training is needed to renew the license. To find a good institution for the training and course click here.