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If you are looking for skin-care advice, then who better than to seek from a professional itself? In this article, we have put together some useful information gathered from experienced dermatologists who share their best skin-care tips with us.
So before you start Looking For Doctor in Lucknow, be sure to give these tips a read because they are not your regular tricks but essential skin-care rules that the doctors recommend based on their years of experience treating patients with common skin-related ailments.

So read on to learn more!

Skincare during periods
Every woman’s skin suffers at the time of periods. So if you want reverse that damage or stop it in its tracks, then consider using face masks that can balance the skin quickly. For example, clay mask reduces excessive production of oil, gels reduce redness etc.

Night time dryness
If you wake up with a dry skin next morning, then it is time to change your bed time routine. It is better to moisturize your skin the night before rather than reversing the damage next day.

Skin detoxification
If you live in a high-pollution area, then you need to follow a proper routine of skin care. Face wipes come in handy to wipe the outer layer of your face with impurities but they are ineffective in case of detoxification.

Use multiple masks
If you have a t-zone skin, then a single mask for your entire face will not do the trick. Instead, use glycolic acid on your oily t-zone skin to reduce breakouts and thick creams on other parts of your face.

Apply products patiently
When you are layering your skin with products, allow each one of them to absorbed into your skin for at least 2-3 minutes before applying the next one.

Use adequate sun protection
Did you know that 90% of fine lines are caused due to excessive sun exposure? Needless to say that your sunscreen is the most important item in your beauty box but make sure you buy one that has SPF 30 or more.

Apply chemical peels
Chemical peels on a weekly basis help your skin to grow healthy bacteria. On the other hand, using gritty scrubs too often can activate enzymes that destroy collagen, making you age sooner than your years. You can also consider using glycolic acid for similar effect if you have normal skin. For oily or combination skin, try salicylic acid and gentle lactic acid for sensitive skin type.

Incorporate vitamin C
Over the years, melanin may lodge itself deeply into the skin that makes it harder to reach. Therefore, consider using skin brighteners fortified with vitamin C to help reduce dark spots within six months.

Foaming face wash
If you notice breakouts near your hairline, then it could be due to oil in your hair products. Use a foaming face wash to cut through the oil without being harsh on your skin.

Hydrate with sheet masks
Sheet masks are helpful in pushing hydrating elements into your skin. You can put one over your moisturizer for at least 10 minutes each night to get a soft and dewy skin next morning.

Don’t expect quick results from retinol
Retinol will not show results overnight. It stimulates collagen but can also irritate. So start with once-a-week application over your moisturizer and then gradually work your way up.

Remove blackheads with salicylic acid
Salicylic acid is ideal for blackheads and whiteheads. If it dries your skin excessively, then look for a facewash with salicylic acid and allow it to sit on your skin for at least 30-seconds to act on your problem area.

Omega-3 supplements
Fatty acids are known to produce moisturizing oils, known as lipids. According to studies, using omega-3 supplements can increase your skin’s lipid levels and provide hydration.

Use sunscreen generously
Don’t just use sunscreen on your face, apply it everywhere including your hands, chest, neck etc. If you notice that your sunscreen is giving you rashes or dryness, then it is sign that you must change your sunscreen to a higher SPF. Try a new one and see how it goes. There is a good chance that you will get to see a noticeable change.

Treat puffy eyes with an extra pillow
If you get puffy eyes after a night’s sleep, then an extra pillow might help to reduce its recurrence next morning. According to dermatologists, gravity can drain enough fluids to prevent you from looking puffy next day.

Use antioxidants to fight hyperpigmentation
If you want to fight dark spots during the day, then consider using antioxidants. You can apply retinoids at night to improve your cell turnover that sheds pigment.

These are some expert tips that you must incorporate in your skin care routine to fight most common skin issues.

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