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Do you agree that social media has had been redefining the concept and practice of marketing? It has expanded the concept and scope of marketing beyond the commercial objectives and has transformed the practice of marketing from mere campaigning to ‘engagement of customers and audiences at large’. More specifically, social media marketing has reduced the gap between corporate houses, their brands and people in general. The changes and opportunities in social media marketing have not yet been stopped or retarded. Rather it has been reinventing itself and appearing with plenty of new marketing opportunities for the business and brands. Leverage those opportunities to take your business to new heights of success. Following are the 10 top tips to help you.

10 Smart Social Media Marketing Tips For 2020: Improve Your Strategy
10 Smart Social Media Marketing Tips For 2020: Improve Your Strategy

Continuously improve and strengthen the content development

‘Right content for the right audience and at the right time’ is the success sutra. This, you need to do very religiously and professionally. Understand your audience and accordingly decide what type of content they would prefer. In many cases ‘blogs’ is the best content to attract audiences and engage them with your page or site. However, the emerging trends demand more. There, you need to think of other alternatives, such as videos, infographic, powerpoint presentations, webinars etc. Never ignore one important point, i.e. maintaining regularity and consistency in posting your content on social media sites. If you are writing blogs, try to explain how the product or service solves a particular problem and avoid direct promotion of the product or service you offer.

Don’t misuse social media just for achieving your sales target

Don’t try to overpower social media platforms with your inherent commercial objectives. It may push you back to the dark wall. People come on social media mainly for networking and get connected to their friends, relations, groups and communities. If you can leverage this platform for CRM (customer relationship management) activities, that would be an excellent idea. Attend your customers, listen to them and incorporate their creative and innovative ideas in the business process. The words of satisfied and delighted customers will spread very fast on social media sites. That will add value to your business process and brand.

Ensure the mobile adaptability of your digital contents and campaigns

Majority of people are using mobile devices to access different online transactions and managing their network and activities on social media platforms. Hence, you need to take care so that your content, campaigns, events and communications easily appear on comparatively smaller screens of mobile devices. It’s a must.

Continuously measure your performance on social media

Measure your ROI regularly to evaluate the productivity of your social media marketing activities. Compare it with your performance in other channels of marketing. Discuss the results in professional forums and decide on further actions and initiatives. Don’t just delay or postpone your actions.

Devote quality time for SEO

Leverage the usage search engines by people. Boost your rankings by taking care of ‘key words’ while developing your contents. As it has already been suggested earlier, keep offering free ebooks, webinars, digital marketing classes, PPT-slides etc to you community. With those offerings, you may ask your audience to follow you on ‘Twitter’ or click ‘Like’ button on Facebook and share the content with others or ask them to ‘pin it’ on Pinterest, etc.

Build your online community

Grow your community naturally. In between, you can go on boosting your posts or page promotion or adverts. Try to connect with your audience by listening to them, engaging them in different events, appreciating their words and contributions, solving their problems, etc.

 Medium and Message are different

Just being on a site is not enough. Each and every social media space has its own characteristics and scopes. If your content does not serve the purpose of people on a particular space, then you fail to communicate your message to them. You may use available data to understand how much time is spent by people on different social media. There, you can understand what type of content would be suitable for a particular community. It’s better to be on Facebook, if you can accept marketing as a storytelling activity. You could be effective on Twitter, if you could avoid posting very personal messages.

Don’t avoid and blame others: Accept your mistakes

Be sensitive and responsive on social media. If you make a mistake, accept it, say ‘SORRY’ and come out. Take some time and try afresh to rebuild the trust. Be positive always. Don’t directly blame any customer or person, even if you are confirmed that they have done something wrong to you. Let your community decide about the reactions to those people.

Channelize and integrate your multiple online presences

It’s a good idea to include social ‘sharing’ and ‘follow’ buttons on your website, blog and e-mails. Embed the links effectively so that there is no technical embarrassment to the audience to navigate from page to page.

Don’t hesitate or take longer time to say ‘THANK YOU’ to your audience.

Be generous and spontaneous in saying ‘thank you’ to your audience, when they contribute to your purpose or objectives. Learn accepting and appreciating your audience and that will expand your community and increase the ‘fans’ base.

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