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Indonesia is a famous tourist destination for a family, couple, and solo traveler. You can’t stay away from its charms.  

Traveling alone has many advantages, especially to a country as fascinating as Indonesia. Nonetheless, there may be plenty of things to plan when you visit Indonesia as a solo traveler. Before being discouraged from traveling alone, read Indonesia’s guide to the solo traveler.

What to Pack

It is not always a sunny day in Indonesia. The climate changes via the sprawling archipelago depending on the time of your visit, so be sure to research beforehand. 

As a general rule, it’s safe to assume that most foreign travelers would face hotter, wetter weather than they used to. Reserving luggage space for light, breathable clothes are best but also making room for a lightweight jacket.

You can feel free to wear your clothes as you want in more modern and tourist cities like Jakarta. However, many Indonesian towns, mostly the town which are smaller, are still traditional. Travelers may want to consider dressing more modestly in those cities than they usually would. Although many locals (especially women) wear headscarves and long-sleeved clothing, it is not generally expected that travelers will do the same— pants and t-shirts will do as long as those are good to cover the chest and thighs.

Some recommended pack on a trip to Indonesia

  • Casuals T-Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Three sleeve pants
  • 2 pair of shorts
  • 1 pair of sandals/shoes
  • 1 sarong or shawl
  • Enough undergarments
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunhat


Traveling alone in Indonesia is usually safe. When exploring this country independently, many travelers have expressed their surprise that they feel safer than expected. Nonetheless, as in any other country, some places are more prone to crime, such as robberies, than others— this does not mean that visitors should stay away entirely from these areas, it just means more vigilance and knowledge is needed. Try to avoid walking alone at night, if possible, through dark alleys.


Peoples travel alone to Indonesia can easily find some budget hostels in big cities, although in less touristy cities they may be more difficult to get around. There are also ample listings of services and apps such as Airbnb or from across the world. Try to find rented rooms with weekly or even monthly rates for those planning on a longer stay— they usually get cheaper than regular costs.


Unquestionably, many of Indonesia’s cities are still non-foot-friendly. There are interconnected bus lines in larger cities such as Jakarta and Yogyakarta that can carry travelers around the city. Travelers may need to take a public bus in other cities. If visiting Bali, renting a motorbike is safest, as there are very limited options for public transport. Online transportation services such as Uber, Grab, and the local Go-Jek app is available in larger cities, providing car or motorcycle options.


Just like traveling in any other country, you should have all legal documents, especially your passport and permit to visit in the city. It is significant that possession and use of drugs are completely prohibited and serious crimes in this country.

How to meet others

Indonesians are generally very friendly and willing to help foreigners. Don’t be alarmed if someone asks you to take a picture. Smile for the camera if you feel up to it; if you don’t, smile politely and say no. Female solo travelers may experience annoying cat-calls, but they’re not meant to be threatening for most of the time, so just ignore them and go away.


When you are traveling alone to Indonesia you have plenty of things to do and places to see. Indonesia is a safe place for tourists and even for solo travelers. It’s a safe place and a popular destination for outdoor and adventure travelers so be sure you are going get enough here.

As a solo traveler, if you do not have enough ideas about where to visit and what to see in Indonesia, you can feel free to join any other group visiting around and you can take advice from the hotel you are staying in. Nothing to worry, because in most cases, your hotel management can also manage a trip for you maybe you have to consider some extra charge. Even if you are on a guided tour or independent, you are surely going to enjoy this best destination, taste delicious food, experience water sports and many more.
Good luck on your solo tour to Indonesia.

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