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Are you finding the right platform to watch your favorite anime?

Today also, each of us dreamt of getting our childhood back. Isn’t it! Well, no worries, everyone can now enjoy their present age, not only by watching their favorite childhood cartoons, but they can also view their desired animated movies online. Moreover, you can also live a life full of entertainment. Well, the question is, when you have such amazing cartoons streaming sites in your pocket, then why to live a monotonous life?

Nowadays we don’t have to sit in front of the TV and wait for some specific programs that we would prefer to watch. 

Because there are some of the best cartoon streaming websites that are highly trending in the market, the best part is that you can enjoy your online cartoon shows or any animated movies by visiting & installing your top choice anime website.

While going through the full post, you’ll examine that there are a few websites that forecast the cartoon shows, series, animation movies for FREE while the other’s will ask you to register. However, the cost is as per your budget.

To make your task effortless, we have picked the best choices for you. Moreover, you’ll quickly find the top websites to watch cartoons online like Spongebob, Bob’s Burgers, Tom & Jerry, and more. So, are to ready to add up some more fun into your life? Here you go.

Top cartoon streaming websites online- 2019

1. YouTube- FREE

YouTubeNone of us can forget this epic streaming site. YES! We are talking about one of the highly trending sites, which is YouTube.

When it comes to watching online videos, YouTube is the King. Millions of users use it daily, not only to stream their favorite cartoon shows but, a much more. 

There are thousands of cartoons that meet your needs to stream your favorite cartoon series or shows, 

To watch your favorite cartoon anytime on YouTube, type the name in the search box & press Enter. 

The site will redirect you to the page, where you’ll find relevant cartoon shows. Moreover, the website also allows you to comment and rate videos.

You can also involve in discussions. YouTube has a high number of videos. So, much you need to make an effort, stream it & enjoy it!

2. ToonJet- FREE

If you want to enjoy some additional options, to watch your favorite cartoon videos online for FREE, then there could be nothing better than this popular website, ToonJet. 

The websites provide you with a collection of some classic cartoon series like Looney Tunes, Betty Boop, Popeye, and so on. 

The site offers you both the options, i.e. to view cartoon shows for FREE and to view it by signing up first. 

If you wish to rate cartoons & leave comments for your favorite cartoon characters, then the website will ask you to sign up. 

Moreover, you can add cartoons to your favorites. So, Why to sit back and not signing up? To enjoy it, just register ToonJet, it also has its app available in the market for Android to stream some classic cartoons.

3. Cartoonito- FREE


If you are finding the ultimate cartoon streaming website for your Kid, then you’ll discover Cartoonito the best among all. 

Besides, streaming cartoons online, your Kid can spend his/ her time by having some entertainment & fun like watching some light educational videos that are highly suitable for pre-school children as well. 

Moreover, the site offers you a choice of many educational cartoon shows by tapping on it. You’ll find all the episodes on the screen of your favorite cartoon shows. Whichever, the episode you wish to play or watch, tap on it. 

Additionally, you’ll find lots of entertainment ways like games to play, songs to listen, and much more fun-loving activities. So, what are you waiting for? Try it today and let your Kid explore this site.

4. Watch Cartoon Online- FREE


When it comes to finding the top cartoon streaming sites, then Watch Cartoon Online is among them. 

The best part is that you can stream the site for FREE. The menu is clear, and the website is well-structured.

Moreover, the site includes a massive list of cartoon shows, series, videos and more. Some of the famous anime that the site forecast is Atomic Betty, The Super Hero, Shark Tale, Super Friends, and more.

If you are finding thyself bored, open Watch Cartoon Online site to enjoy your favorite anime shows now!

5. Anime Flavor- FREE


If you are looking for without paying and the best website to watch anime online, then Anime Flavor is the best site to stream cartoons. All the animations are well-structured in alphabetic order on the main window. 

To watch your desired anime, all you have to do tap on the name of the anime. Additionally, you can view the summary of the anime and its information.

On top of the website, you will find some of the most popular episodes. If you are interested in any of them, you can click it to watch it. 

Anime Flavor includes search bar as well, to search for your preferred cartoon shows or series. The best part is that you can stream your favorite cartoons without signing up!

6. GoGo Anime- FREE


When it comes to another remarkable site for watching anime without spending any money, its GoGo Anime, the design of the website is bright & gorgeous.

On the home page of the website, you’ll see a vast collection of recently released anime series with the popular updates. 

Moreover, you can also use the search bar. On this site, practically all the anime series are dubbed in English.


We hope that you’ll find all the cartoon as mentioned above streaming websites of some help. We would request you to go through the entire list and let us know which anime streaming site you find the best? Also, don’t forget to comment, like & share this beautiful post among your classmates, Friends, and Colleagues. Enjoy your time!

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