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The evolution of world especially in the field of education and technology is deeply influenced by Google. The search engine has evolved into a major necessity that one needs almost every day. People belonging to any sector, in one way or another are utilising Google to make their work procedures easy. Similarly education department is also influenced by the ease and availability of content on Google. This blog presents you a few research tips which are important for teachers as well as for students.


Become Google Aware

An important guide for students that many of them are fond of is to Google everything and trust whatever it reveals. This has turned out to be a bad practice. It is important that students become aware of the criteria of Google. Not everything on Google is 100% verified and true. Moreover Google is also not responsible for the wrong information you gather from there. So it is your duty to verify the source from which you are picking data and also search for the year of publishing as your research might look out of context if researched much earlier.


Researching the Results

Capitalising time is the key if you are working on a deadline project which is due in certain hours. One of the mistake students make is to research a term and search for their answer in the snippet appearing below each title. It is possible that the snippet might not contain the answer you are looking for but the entire document might be having the required results. Therefore a better practice is to open the search results ranking high on you Google search and use ctrl + f to search for key words in the file. If the required key words are present in the article then it would be able to answer your queries.


Finding New Techniques

The common issues that students face is not being able to come across the correct strategies for research. If you are facing similar issues there is a need to change the strategies that you are using. For finding new search strategies there is a chance that you might be using similar strategies and not operating search with the correct requirements. The correct requirements for search are those which lead you to acquire the correct goal. For some researches one method would not lead the desired result while for other researches the same method would not lead you to achieve the results and you would be required to find out new ways to achieve it.


Utilising Advanced Researches

Utilising advanced research methods enables you to identify various tools that might enable a student as well as a teacher to achieve the required goal. The options or opportunities that an individual has in order to obtain a significant or specific result through advanced search includes language, domain, type of file and more. There are further options that enable a researcher to identify or segregate the results on the basis of publishing date. You can also find out desired websites. For instance you are looking for help related to your academics then you might be looking for My Assignment Help UK. Instantly you would figure out that the advanced search options of your Google search should be focussed on country and language. You should be focussing on United Kingdom region and British English as your language to come across the result.


Google Scholar for Academic

If your search is related to academic articles, journals, dissertations or any other academic writing piece than you must focus your search in Google scholar which has the ability to produce results according to your requirements. Typing relevant key words could lead you to peer reviewed articles and journals related to the desired topics. The rulings of the court can also be found on this platform of Google along with patient filings etc. For teachers or professors who are looking for opportunities related to a certain development it is helpful to set alerts related to updates.


Google Newspapers and Books

Newspapers and Google books are also a great source that helps teachers and professors to stay up to date related to new researches or courses offered. Google books provides individuals and common persons to get access to hundreds of thousands of books within a distance of two to three searches.


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