SPAs are a great source for relaxing and enjoy some quality time. At the same time, maintaining good hygiene is also very important in order to avoid the risk of getting various diseases. The good hygiene of your pools or spas makes the environment clean, fresh and free from bacteria and germs. Besides this, when it comes to SPA water chemicals, hot tubs, or Jacuzzis where the water temperature is slightly more than the usual, special care for maintaining hygiene is necessary.

It is due to the fact that, in warm water, there are more chances of getting various infections. As well as warm water is more likely to get water-borne diseases. Besides this, algae that occur in water can cause serious health problems if it will not be treated properly. Thus, it is very important to make sure that your spa is free from bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause serious health problems.

Talking about the safety, SPAs act a little different because unlike pools, SPA water is warm in temperature. A lot of other things need to be considered while treating SPA water chemicals, and the chemicals for treating spas are different from pools. For this purpose, the alkalinity adjusters, pH Adjusters, Algaecides clearance treatment is necessary to make spa water free from bacteria.

Besides all this, the most frequently asked question, that arises is that, are the SPA Chemicals safe? Do they cause any harm to the body? So, let’s get into detail about how spa treatments work and what should be done?

Are SPA Chemicals Safe for Usage?

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For sanitization, of SPAs things work a little different way and the chemicals used in are not the same as Pools. Special care is also, necessary for sanitization of SPAs, because the chemicals, when added in hot water, can cause damage to the skin. Thus, using chemicals with safety is necessary. The commonly used chemicals for treating spa water are Chlorine and Bromine, which kills bacteria and germs effectively.

Thus, it makes spa water clean and fresh. Besides this the maintenance of pH level of water is also necessary otherwise, it might have a harmful effect on the skin. For maintaining the pH level, it is necessary to have essential chemicals like pH increaser or pH decreaser. A very little or a higher pH in water can cause various skin infections.

If the SPA water is not free from bacteria or pathogenic microorganisms, a few common problems that might occur are eye irritation, skin irritation, skin allergies, breathing problems, and many others. Thus, it is very important to clean and sanitize your spa.

The SPA cleaning chemicals might be harmful if they are used in excessive amounts. Using such chemicals in a minor amount and safely will not cause any damage to health. Besides this, there are other ways to make the spa clean and sanitized to get the perfect experience. These include:

The Sanitizer Method

The sanitizer method also known as hot tub sanitizer is a chemical that kills bacteria and makes the spa water clean. The special type of chemical makes the spa safe to use for the people without causing any harm to skin or health. The use of ordinary chemicals might cause damage to skin and health but using this sanitizing chemical that is specially made for spas will be more helpful.

The chemical will kill bacteria up to 99% and make the water safe for usage. The warm water of the spa will not be affected by this chemical thus, it is safe to use.

The Shock Method

 The shock method is one of the other effective methods to kill bacteria and make the spa free from germs. It is a more effective method because it does not make use of such chemicals that might cause damage to the skin. Another reason why people prefer using this method is that there will be no strong chemical smell. The chances of getting certain allergies will be reduced with the use of this method and it will effectively kill bacteria.

The method is also safe to use but thee excessive use is not good for health. Thus, safety is the first priority.

The use of chemicals for the spa is safe to use but only in an appropriate amount. The safe and the less use of chemicals for the spas will not be harmful.


SPA water chemicals help in treating the spa water, by killing the bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. The use of such chemicals will not harm only if the excessive amounts of such chemicals are used. Besides this, there are alternatives to the chemicals as well in a more sensitive situation. Each method described above can be effectively used in cleaning spas and make them free from germs and other pollutants. However, a slight amount of chemicals can work the best for treating spas and make them safe to use.