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Manchester is the cultural and commercial capital of Lancashire. The city is revered for media, higher education, and the arts. Together with other municipalities, it forms the overwhelming Greater Manchester, which now has a population of three million.

Like the other cities of the UK, Manchester has also undergone a massive transition. With the introduction of various development projects, it is arguably one of the most prosperous cities in the UK. The theatre and cinema scene of the city is famous all across the country. In our today’s article, we will tell the tourists how they can furnish their 3-day journey to Manchester through PIA flight booking. Let’s get started.

Day One

It is the first day of your journey and you should start it with a delicious breakfast. As soon as you get outside your hotel, you will see a number of elegant restaurants on the streets that will conveniently satiate your hunger.

1.      Discover the Buildings of Manchester

Start from the Central Library and reacquaint yourself with the past, present, and future of the city. Plus, you can also capture the interiors of buildings during the exploration. You can also arrive at the Royal Exchange Theatre and pick up tickets to watch the trending Hollywood movies. Lastly, before lunch, head to the nearby shops and buy some gifts.

2.      Lunch from Corn Exchange

Manchester has lots of places where you can rest your feet and fill your belly. Corn Exchange is just another place where you can experience the cuisine of diverse flavors. This restaurant has hired cooks from various parts of the world that are adept in cooking the meals of their native countries.

3.      National Football Stadium

The best way to spend the afternoon of your first day is to rediscover the triumphs and excitement of the interesting game at the National Football Stadium. Apart from testing your skills in the penalty shootout, you can also examine the culture and social history of football.

Day 2

On the second day of your journey, you should be exploring Manchester like a local, and the best way to do is to discover the vibrant neighborhoods. Not only will endure the nativity of the city, but you will also be able to delve further into the lifestyle of Manchester.

1.      Northern Quarter

Northern Quarter is the only place in the entire city that houses the shops of all types. It is home to the cool restaurants, vintage clothing stores, trendy cafes, and amazing shops. So, begin your day with a sumptuous breakfast and then stick around in the place till lunchtime. You will certainly enjoy the days you will spend here. Amazingly, if you want to book cheap hotels in Manchester, then this area is perfect.

2.      China Town

Chinatown is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The vibrant Canal Street in the city’s Gay Village and hipster-frequented Chorlton are among the most visited areas of Chinatown. Amazingly, if you sign up for a walking tour, you can go wherever you want. Lastly, check the legendary music scene of the city as the day winds down.

3.      The Northern Quarter

To rediscover the distinct side of the city, visit the Northern Quarter and stumble upon the magical gems. The Skyliner Street Art Tour is an enthralling place to witness some of the most famous artworks in the history of the country.

Day 3

On the last day of your trip, try to capture as many memories as you can. Not only will these pictures rejuvenate the memories of the tour once you grow old, but they will also make you happy and compel you to visit Manchester once again.

1.      Lake District

The Lake District has been made famous by the authors William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter as they had portrayed the beauty of this place in many of their works. Amazingly, it is also the most visited park of the UK. The sheer beauty and the remarkable elegance of this place is ideal for capturing breathtaking photos.

2.      The Quays

Since you have walked a lot during your exploration of the Lake District, it is time to find a place where you can have a powerful lunch in a bid to refresh your muscles. The Quays has a wide variety of prestigious restaurants that will never betray your expectations. In addition, all of them also have stunning surroundings that can be a witness through the hotel restaurant windows.

3.      Ringway

So, the night has arrived and now, it is time to finish your journey. While going to Manchester Airport, you will see lots of buildings and malls that depict the sparkling nightlife scene of the city. Once you reach the airport, just acquire the ticket and get ready to return to your home country. Following this itinerary plan will ensure that you explore the nitty-gritty of Manchester. You can visit to book the flights for the UK in advance.

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